New Zealand · 108 Days · 106 Moments · December 2017

New Zealand 2017/18

19 March 2018

Endlich nach Hause

17 March 2018

Back to Auckland

16 March 2018

Shadow the food hunter

11 March 2018

Apatche (jump on it) the leading horse
nervous Milo
Matariki & Rangahnui

7 March 2018

big fluffy Cinnabom

3 March 2018

the boss Thaurangi

2 March 2018

Antony’s favourite Pihanga
my favourite Elliva

1 March 2018

overmotivated Soldier

28 February 2018

One of our projects was building the new dressage arena it was a lot of work and it’s still not finished but we did a pretty good first job digging the holes first with the tractor and the rest per hand and painting the thousand posts 😂

26 February 2018

On our day off we watched movies I finally cut Johanna’s hair and because it would be our last day together we signed the wall in the woolshed.

25 February 2018

On Sunday we all went back to Fielding to do the hay. The whole family helped even Dannis and crazy Wayne. Seek and chase were so happy with so many people around. It was a beautiful sunset and we managed to bring the 372 bales to the shelter in 3 hours. Afterwards we had pizza and fries and the next day off.

24 February 2018

On Friday evening Johanna and Martin came to visit. On Saturday morning we went for a little river ride.

23 February 2018

Near Ohakune at the National Army Museum took this Friday a ceremony place to honour animals who served in war. They dedicated a memorial and we brought some horses like... visuals. Anthony got to wear a real soldier uniform. I just stood alongside when a women who brought her four donkeys needed help so I just got a job to because I was a “horsey girl”. At the end we all were invited to the free buffed for vip guest 😍👌🏼

21 February 2018

Weeding the Garden

20 February 2018

A few years ago the last paddock was used as the arena and a lot of training items were left behind. So we had to carry a to f tires and timber wand reorganise it behind the stable.

14 February 2018

Lovely Rahupe Homestead

13 February 2018


8 February 2018

The second week we stated with the wool shed which Martin and Johanna finished after I went to Ohakune. We needed it for the hay three weeks later.

7 February 2018


6 February 2018

The first week we started to clean the pony paddock of poo and weed because they would move soon.

5 February 2018

Marshmallow 🍭💕

29 January 2018

On the 29. arrived in Fielding. Martin picked me up from the bus stop. I would stay here two weeks with Johanna and Martin.

28 January 2018

By far the cutes animals in the zoo were these guys 😍
My last day in Wellington I went to the zoo. I really loved it !

27 January 2018

As a little welcome gift of “Auszeit-Weltweit” I got a tour through the Weta Workshops. Weta are the film studios which produced “Lord of the Rings” but worked also on a lot of other movies like “fast and furious” oder some Marvel ones like the lates “Thor”. The company was founded by a couple in an little apartment and ended up as one of the most famous ones in the world. They also invented the software for copy and past in movies to create for example big armies out of just a few actors. What they showed us about the handwork used in movies was just incredible. For long shots of castles for example they build unbelievable detailed miniatures (actually not that mini but as tall as a human) out of toilet paper rolls... It was really interesting and inspiring even though if you’re not really into LOTR. At the end I also fought a Oak, he had a good day and let me win.

25 January 2018

Of course I had to go for a little hike on Mt Victoria to. At the lookout you have a 360 view over Wellington, where u can see the harbour the city and the airport. Furthermore the Mt Victoria forest was Film set for the “Auenland” in Lord of the Rings. I definitely have to watch the movies again because for me it was just a random cluster of trees. Especially this one tree (last pic) whee people spent hours taking pictures and going crazy... so I just took a picture too. Just in case.

22 January 2018

And because I just can’t get enough of knowledge of foreign countries the day after I visited the Te Papa Museum about NZ history, the Maori culture and flora and fauna. My favourite part was about the world biggest squid ever has been caught. It accidentally fell into the trap of Scientists of the Te Papa Museum sponsor. The very same squid is now, after conducting researches and it was pickled, exhibited for public. Besides, the momentan temporary exhibition was about the battle of NZ/Australia and the Turkish. It was really specific and a lot of information but arranged in some very smart ways. They divided the course of the battle in different parts told out of the perspective of different commandants. As I later learned the outsized sculptures showing the main character of the next part were handcrafted by the Weta Studios. It took over 3000 hours of work each and every single hair of scalp hair, beard and other body hair was pricked in with a needle...

21 January 2018

The next day a little bit of culture was on the agenda. I visited the parliament buildings of New Zealand in Wellington and took a guided tour as well. The buildings are really beautiful especially from the inside. As the colony of the Uk the whole governmental system bases on the British one. Therefore most of interior is patterned on traditional buildings of the UK too. Special was that we were allowed to actually step into the assembly hall, what not every speaker (seen as landlord of the house) has allowed the past terms. It was a really interesting tour! Apart from the political informations they also showed us how the special “anti-earthquake” system works the buildings are build on.

20 January 2018

On Saturday I went to „Wellington Pazifika Festival“. A festival with food, prize games and live music all around the different Pazific cultures. There were different choirs, dancers and singers, some even with traditional clothe (Hularöcke und Blumenkranz). The last act was „Fiji“ a singer similar to Bob Marley who has to be quite famous in this area. It was really interesting and fun 🙌🏼

19 January 2018

The first few days in Wellington I spent all with the same routine: get up, skype with friends, go to the beach, have dinner, go to bed early, sleep a lot... After this three weeks of traveling, action the whole day and sleeping way to less I really needed it.

18 January 2018

Back in Wellington we finally had to say Goodbye... after three days getting less and less people I was on my own again. Luckily we were still enough to join the Beer Pong Championships on Wednesday.

15 January 2018

We spend the evening in Picton with dinner beer and chips at the Beach. Our hostel was very cute: a YHA in “Willer Kunterbunt” style. Next day as highlight we wanted to swim with dolphins before taking the ferry back to Wellington. Unfortunately we couldn’t swim with some because we only saw the world smallest and rarest species, the Hectors, which are protected. Even though funny story how we sung Back Street Boys into our snorkel under water to attract other Dolphins...

14 January 2018

On our way back to Pictor we went through Kaikura. The ones who didn’t go with whale watching did a little one hour walk which ended up as my favourite one. We got to see seals eye to eye and the scenery of the blue water and the rocky coat was amazing.

13 January 2018

The night in Christchurch our hostl was a Ex- jail. Kind of weird experience....
We had dinner in a Eatery. A place with many different restaurants and bars where you can order from any place you like to have a multicultural meal what we all enjoyed to the fullest. It was one of my favourite dinners of the trip!
When we reached Christchurch on the same day we went to scout the centre. It was a different experience to the sight seeing before because Christchurch still suffers the consequences from the earthquake in February 2011. 185 people from 14 different countries died and many building were destroyed. The most popular, and for me impressive memorial are the “White Chairs”. After the earthquake many “Pop up Arts” came up which were supposed to give the city new hope and strength for the reconstruction. Apart from the earthquake Christchurch is known for it’s botanical gardens where we went too.
The second stop was at the Steampunk Museum. It’s was really cool! They had this little room, called time traveler, where all walls, floor and ceiling were covered with mirrors. Chains of lights filled the whole room and they would shine in different colours. This was magical.
On Saturday we had to go all the way up to Christchurch where we stopped twice on the way. First we stopped at the Moeraki Bulders, a beach with rocks in the shape of balls.

11 January 2018

After kayaking and lunch we took the boat back to our bus and then we went to Wdderburn were we would stay two nights and do a bicycling tour the next day at the Otago Rail Trail. This was clearly the worst activity we’ve done on the tour. I was still suffering from my cough so I was lucky to finde Angelina, who also hates bicycling so we played “Who am I” all the way so it would pass by fast. When we reached the lunch stop after 22 km Nugget took us back by bus so we hadn’t to do al 35 km. In the afternoon we went curling which was actually so much fun !

10 January 2018

From Queenstown we carried on to the southerners point of our journey and my personal favourite place (even though I couldn’t enjoy all of it because I got sick from the glacier water and had to stay in bed one day 😑). We went to doubtful sound in Fjordland Nationalpark, the biggest Nationalpark in New Zealand. We had to leave the bus again and go by boat to the island our accommodation was. The next das we went kayaking between the Fjords and as we were standing in a sheltered bay chatting, suddenly Delfins jumped out of the water right in front of us. Later we saw them again as they were swimming in the opposite direction as we were going, diving through under our boats and jumping up behind us.

9 January 2018

On the second day in Queenstown we went to Shotover Jetboating. These little boats are really fast and maneuverable. Because they don’t have a propeller but jet out water from the river to accelerate the water doesn’t has to be deep. So we went down a river bed of a Canyon really fast and the driver did Twists and turns always a bit closer to the rocks. The view was fascinating and it was really exciting 🚤💦

8 January 2018

Sunset in Queenstown
Finally the day of Bungee Jumping arrived. It was my absolute favourite activity. I had beautiful weather at the Kawarau Bridge and the water I would dive I shined beautifully blue. Of course I was f***ing scared but then I really believed I could fly.

7 January 2018

We finally got to Queenstown in the afternoon. This little town is located right between the high mountains of the southern Alps next to far reaching lakes. As so often in New Zealand the way to Queenstown has already been spectacular.
After a longer bit of drive we made a short break at the Blue pools. You can just go there for a walk next to the river or go for a swim. But because we from G Adventures a crazy we just jumped of the bridge (of course after checking that the water was deep enough and there were no rocks). It was even colder then the Hokitika Gorge but absolutely fun!
Then we stopped at a lookout to see the glacier. Because we were all late back at the bus we had to wear masks for 20 min. This was Nuggets punishment if someone would be late after a break, even though it’s himself.
The jetzt day we made our way to Queenstown but of course we stopped for a little hike. I can’t remember the name of the lake but it was like a mirror right next to the mountainside which we also saw from above at the skydive. We got there very early agin so that we had the most beautiful light and could watch the sun coming up behind the mountains.

6 January 2018

After we had breakfast together and our pulse went back to normal we went to the Pounamu carving. Even though it’s not thrilling activity it was one of my favourite. The Pounamu (greenstone) and the Aotea (bluestone) stone are special stones from the South Island of New Zealand and have a very important meaning in Maori culture. You could choose one of pice and then create your very one stone by hone and grind it.
On the Friday morning I couldn’t eat anything.... it was the morning of skydiving. We had to leave very early because the weather is the best in the morning and changes quit often during the day. My guide was called Peter. He was south African and has jumped over 2600 times out of an airplane already. Only at this day he would jump ten times. I tried to comfort myself with this fact... The worst part was sitting in the tiny airplane hoping for the ride to last as long as possible. Even though the view was stunning. We had perfect weather and could see the alps, Mt Cook (with 3724 m highest mountain of New Zealand), the Fox Glacier, the rain forest, lakes and the sea. When the airplane was 276 m higher then Mt Cook we jumped, or rather Peter just pushed a screaming completely panicking Alina out of the plane.... Video follows

5 January 2018

Thirdly we stopped at Hokitika Gorge. The Turquoise River gets the amazing blue colour from the rock flour of the mineral-rich schist rock. It’s so fine that instead of settling to the bottom of the river it stays decomposed in the water as it comes down from the southern Alps. And ist freaking cold...
Secondly we went to the Pancake Rocks. The natural recipe for pancake is the Whangarei limestone formed between 24 and 36 million years ago and then brought to surface because of an elevation. The limestone is special because it has every thin layers of mudstone in it which are very closely bedded. The soft layers of mudstone weather out faster then the limestone through wind and water, creating the pancake look.
The next day we set off to Franz Joseph. On the way we made three stops: First we stopped in Paparoa National Park for a little hike through the rain forest.

4 January 2018

In the evening we went to a brewery for a beer tasting. They told us a lot about the different kinds of beer and showed us around while we could taste seven of their own beers.
On Thursday we drove from Able Tasman Nationalpark to Westport. On the way we stopped for a little hike at the coastline where we also could spot some seals (but way to far away for the the camera).

3 January 2018

Next activity: Canyoning. We met our guides at the beach and walked up the mountains to the canyon. We had lunch on rocks in a river right next to a waterfall. After we all made it in our wetsuits the adventure begun. We roped us down rocks and waterfalls, slid down rocks and rope ways and jumped from rocks (4 and 8m). Right when we stood on the edge of the 8 m rock we saw a rescue helicopter flying down the canyon. He disappeared behind the trees a bit more down the canyon where the group before us where to this time. Later they told us that one of the guys broke his ankle but at this moment we just hoped we’ll will survive this trip. Turned out it wasn’t that bad and a lot of fun! 💦

2 January 2018

Our hostel from Tuesday to Wednesday was a floating one. We went with the bus until Marahau and then took a water taxi to The Anchorage in the Torrent Bay in Abel Tasman National Park. We stayed at Aquapackers Home, a houseboat. This was one of my favourite nights. After we arrived we jumped from the roof and went for a swim. The we hat a barbecue for dinner on deck watching the sunset. We played cards and Angelina and Nugget played Guitar. When the sun was fully gone we climbed up on the roof again laid down and looked at the stars and the full moon. We slept in very tiny cabins but like babies because the sea rocks you to sleep.
We took the ferry from Wellington to Pictor on the second day of 2018 and left the north island behind us.

1 January 2018

We stayed one night in Wellington were we had a group dinner in the bar text to our hostel. Additionally in Wellington all G Adventure tours going on at the same time meet on this evening (the ones going to the south and the ones which coming from the south). Kind of G Adventure Championship taking place this nights. All buses play drinking games against each other. The one who one most wins free shots for the whole group. We won three out of five, collected the shots and danced YMCA and Macarena on the table. Hopefully the last night in Wellington again!
On first of January we set off to Wellington the capital of New Zealand. On the way we stoped first in the middle of nowhere again and had a gumbood throwing competition. But it was fun and I was the girls winner. My price was a drink of my choice so it was worth it. Then we stopped a second time in Ohakune, the city of carrots... weird day.
New Year’s Eve we spent in a ski resort in Tongariro National Park. After the hike the first thing we did was grab a bear and meet in the sauna. We had a very nice buffet for dinner (normally 75 doller per person). The rest of the time we spent together playing games before we had the countdown in the hotel bar and little fireworks outside. I think it was one of the shortes New Years eves I’ve ever had because we were all so tired and could it barely make it to midnight. Additionally we had to stand up at 7:30 the next morning.

31 December 2017

The morning of New Year’s Eve we stood up very early at 5:30 am. We drove the way from Rotorura to Tongariro National Park to conquer the Alpine Crossing of 19.4 km and height of over 1100 meters. We where lucky because of the wether only 50% of the groups can start the trip anyway. When we climed the top we had clear blue sky and a infinit view over the alps and the vulcan. We had lunch at the top before we made our way downhill. After half the way down the top was already covered in clouds. It was and very demanding walk but it was absolutely worth it. After an seemly never ending last part through the forest we made it to the end after 7 hours.

30 December 2017

Their village exists for over 200 years now. The first Maori settlers chose this place because of the natural hot steams coming out of the ground. They build their houses around them and used them for cooking or heating. The family we visited build a little roofed pool over two steams to create their never cooling natural hot tube. Without power bill...
Before we went to our accommodation we visited an traditional Maori village. We had a little opening ceremony where our hosts said and sung something in his mother tongue and our chief (elected before at a drinking game) had to say some words, we sung a Maori song and then we did the Hongi, the traditional Maori greeting. The touch of the forehead symbolizes the sharing of all the good thoughts while the touch of the noses and the current breath in stands for sharing the breath of life. We learned a lot about the incurrence of their culture, their gods and beliefs and their way of living today. Most of the Maori experience you can book in New Zealand are more of a show then real. But the guy and his family we visited didn’t just pretend to be traditional. They wore very normal cloth invited us to their backyard for coffee and biscuits, the son told us about his study as fitness coach and we played a traditional Maori game. Their were really really funny, open minded normal people.
We left Raglan in the morning of December 30. On our way to Rotorura we stoped at the Waitomo Caves. A huge area of underground caves under innocent looking farms where you wouldn’t expect something like this. 30 million years ago the entire Waitomo region lay far beneath the sea. We did the Toobing in the TumuTumu Cave. This trip combines elements of blackwater rafting with walking, climbing, swimming and tubing through distinctive sections of the Cave. We walked through awesome cave formations and saw one of the best Glowworm displays in New Zealand which the Waitomo Caves are famous for. In the complete darkness down there the little green lights glow like stars in the sky at the ceiling of the caves. After we climbed down a howl into complete darkness somewhere in the forest we spent over two ours below the earth level.

29 December 2017

The next day in the morning we had an surfing lesson. We first had some instructions at the actual surf school up the hill before we went to the beach. It was the perfect spot for beginners. The sea was very shallow for a long time and the waves where not to big. Everybody stood at least one time. It was a beautiful day and much fun! 🏄‍♀️ 🌊

28 December 2017

When we first came to Raglan we went to the port where we met OncleB on his boat. While we cruised around in the bay we had burgers as lunch on the boat before we spend the rest of the time enjoying the view. When we came back our next activity was kayaking on this cyan weather. It was quite windy but we made our way to the other side paddled through rocks and stoped at a black beach where the sand sparkled so fancy before we went back with the stream.
On our way to Raglan our first Stop was a Farm. The owner told us a lot about sustainable agriculture but in a very interesting way. Afterwards she showed us her howl farm with all her lamas, alpacas, goats and whatever else cute things she had. She showed us how to feed eels as well wich was something between astonishing and disturbing.

27 December 2017

Best of New Zealand G Adventure Tour On Wednesday night I met the group I would travel with for the next three weeks for the first time. We stayed the first time in Auckland before we started our journey to the South.

26 December 2017

My favorite camping experience so far was definitely the night from Thursday to Wednesday. We stayed at the campground on a bay at the east coast from Cape Reinga. Because we kind of didn’t expected to stay in the middle of nowhere again our „supplies“ where nearly empty so my dinner was two muesli bars and my last banana. For breakfast I had my last cookies. The showers 🚿 where exactly the same as this emoji... nothing less and nothing more. A tap only with cold water of course in a wood cabin without doors or a roof. BUT we spend the evening huddled together watching movies in the back of our car with open tailgate so we could see the Bay in the background. And when I woke up in the night I could see a clear starlit sky and the bright Milky Way 🌌.
When we reached the Cape Reinga light house it became cloudy from the west. We could see the main rain cloud coming straight in our direction. After 5 min we had to walk back in driving rain. It was an amazing scenery.
We finally made it to Cape Reinga on Thursday in the afternoon. While walking down to the famous light house we had beautiful weather. The ocean seems even more endless if you know that this ist the very northern point of New Zealand.
Shortly before Cape Reinga extensiv sand dunes raise on the west coast behind the usual landscape. When you climbed them up once (which is incredibly exhausting), from the top it seems like you’re standing in the middle of a desert surrounded on the south side by a river and forrest and on the north by the clear blue ocean. We rented sand boards to slide down the dunes (to walk them up again) which is super much fun! After this experience you still find sand somewhere on you after three days.

25 December 2017

We spend the first night in Bay of Islands. Because we didn’t want to pay the campground for 18 dollars per person we just parked yacki in a turning loop at the end of a quiet downhill road. We had dinner and then we prepared ourself for the night. We turned down the backseats so that Franny and Viv could sleep on an air bed. I slept on the front seat. This night was quit exhausting because it was so hot inside and we couldn’t open the windows because of the amount of gnats.
Even the landscape from the car during the drive already has been stunning. It’s impressive how you see wide grassland in one moment and then suddenly you drive through a kind of rainforest both in the most beautiful different green shades. Our first stop was at Whale Bay. Unfortunately the weather has been a bit cloudy but it’s one of the beaches you see in your imaginations of paradise. Actually we looked for the “mermaid pools”. But it turned out that it’s a quiet adventures trip to get there. Because we missed low tide we hat to swim around a ledge to reach the path taking you to the pools. So we had to leave all our stuff in the car and returned only with swimsuit, my under water camera and Viv tied the car key at her bun👌🏼 The path crossed a hill witch was so steep and the clay ground was so slippy that you literally had to pull yourself up at the marginal trees. It only took you 20 min to get there but it was tricky. The mermaid pools themselves where absolutely worth it.
On 25. of December we met early to start our very first own trip. I left my stuff at the room of franny and Viv and we just gut a box of food a small backpack each and lots of water. We packed Yacki (their old Ford Explorer (appropriate name)) and at 8 a clock in the morning we left Auckland toward the north...

24 December 2017

On Christmas Day Viv Franny and I met Marilena, a friend of Franny‘s from NZ. We went to Muriwai Beach that morning together. At this bay, which is quit protected from the wind, huge gannet colonies used to settle to breed. The beach was wonderful and the weather was perfect for my first southern hemisphere Christmas. As Christmas present Franny and I got a new piercing before we went to Ponsenby for Lunch. We wanted to try the typical lamb New Zealand is known for. I had different kinds of meat (lamb, pork belly and chorizo) served with empanada, self made bread and salad. It was great!! In the evening we just got a milkshake, went to Viv and Franny’s and watched a Christmas movie. 🎄🎁🎅🏼 Then we went to bed because we had to stand up early the next morning 😊

21 December 2017

World Wide X-Mas Party 🎅🏼🎉 On Thursday there was the last school party on 2017. It was a Motto Party called “Summer Christmas” so everybody wore summer clothes with some Christmas items. And there where free pizza for everybody 😍.
Wednesday night I first met up with Livia but then I walked over to the place where franny and Vivi stayed. Suddenly we met bout guys from Potsdam who shared an apartment in the hotel Metropolis Avani which is quiet a luxury one. After the Hostel experience I made it was an welcoming change 🙈. So we spent the night there went to provedor and 1885 again later and then came back.

20 December 2017

On Wednesday, after I had one of the awesome Dominos pizzas with cheesy crust 🍕 😍, I went with Vivi to her kickboxing training because franny felt ill. I was so excited to finally do a workeout again and it was really worth it!! The trainer was so funny and I felt like Rocky and I could fight anybody 💪🏼😀. On Friday I had still muscle ache 👌🏼

19 December 2017

As last week too, on Tuesday was Tuch rugby 🏉 We’re playing without tackling but rather with just touching the other becaus girls and boys playing together. It’s quit funny every time but also very exhausting and everybody has muscle ache the next day. 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏼

18 December 2017

On Monday was happy hour at Melts! One bowl for 1$. The queue was freaking long and we met nearly our whole school but it was worth it. I had cookies & cream, cookie dough and whit chocolate raspberry 😋🍦💗

17 December 2017

In the afternoon we visited Pauline at her work place where we also got some special drink offers 🍸 After that we went to Yago’s apartment. Later we met some friends of Franny’s. We split up in to taxis and lost eachother... anyway I ended up at the hip hop club 1885 with some guys from school. 🙌🏼

16 December 2017

After that we went to the Kitekite Falls. First we walked to the bottom of the 40 m falls. Later we also went to the top where the view was spectacular! When we wanted to go back we took the wrong path and walkt additionally 1 1/2 hours uphill for nothing. All in all we walked 20 km that day. So we had no regrets to eat at McDonald’s after all.
On Saturday Franny& Viv took Maggi, Pauline and me with their car to a day trip. First we went to the Karekare Waterfalls and then to the Beach. Because it was near by we also went to see Piha Beach 🏝
On Saturday morning I had to leave my host family... Hunter made me a crown as godbye gift, with an extra eye on it so that i could see more of New Zealand, he said. I really liked to stay there 🏡 (The first foto was when I packed my bag not the usually shape of course 😀)

15 December 2017

On Friday Afternoon we went to the National Art Gallery. After some modern and traditional, as well as some cultural oil paintings of the Maori we came into a room where everyone got some sticker at the entrance and then could place them wherever they want. It was a really cool exhibition! Finally as reward we bought us some dunkin doughnuts 🍩 😋
Graduation 👩🏼‍🎓 As on Friday my two weeks at World Wide English school ended, after the morning class we had our graduation where everybody who graduated hat to say some words. Two weeks at this place where definitely not enough... In this short period of time I met so many crazy people who I’ll miss a lot!!!

14 December 2017

Although i kind of don’t like yoga I attended the after school class as last week too. Even though we had to breath in through our reight nostril and out though our left the last exercise is everybody’s favorite where we just lay on the ground for 5 min to relax. Last week my neighbor fell asleep 💤 It’s quit funny...
Ping Pong Match at lunch break 🏓

13 December 2017

And Pub Night again 🍻🎉 Yesterday we met up earlier at Albert Park. We were people from Tahiti, Spain, Brasil, Franc, Switzerland, Chile, Bolivia and Germany. Suddenly some Kiwis joined us and they ended up rapping to the beatboxing of our chilean guy. Somehow one of our German guys startet batteling them which was unexpected but kind of really good! When we went to Provedor, Lenin and and Hip Hop Club later, which are all quiet serried, we stop at the port where a guy played didgeridoo to beats. We startet dancing on the street and even a kiwi couple joined us. We ended the night at McDonald’s of course. After 3 hours of sleep school started again...

12 December 2017

11 December 2017

Heute mal nen bisschen Kultur nachgearbeitet 🏛 Im Auckland War Memorial Museum geht es um die Maori Kultur, Neuseelands Natur und Neuseelands Kriege. Das Flugzeug ist eine originale Maschine aus dem 2. Weltkrieg.
Meine Testergebnisse von meinem ersten (und wahrscheinlich auch letzten) Leveltest... 📝🧐🙈

10 December 2017

#nightnoodlemarketsNZ 🥡 Am Sonntag, nach dem ersten Mal Auschlafen, haben wir uns abends im Victoria Park zum einem Food Festival getroffen. Wir haben Tischtennis gespielt und weil zwei kleine Mädchen (8 und 10 Jahre) nicht warten konnten haben wir Ihnen gezeigt wie man chinesisch spielt... die waren echt niedlich 👭 Das Schminken war geratis also haben wir das auch noch gemacht 🧝🏽‍♀️😊 war ein schöner Abend auch wenn’s zum ersten Mal ein bisschen geregnet hat 🌧

9 December 2017

Christmas in the Park 🎅🏼🎄🎶 Am Samstag Abend haben wir uns mit Franny und Vivi bei einem Weihnachtsfestival in der Innenstadt getroffen.
Am Samstag haben wir einen Tagesausflug nach Waiheke Island gemacht. Eine Insel in der Bucht von Auckland die für Weinanbaugebiete berühmt ist. Den Vormittag verbrachten wir am Palm Beach 🏝. Mittags haben wir uns in der kleinen Stadt Oneroa einen Weihnachtsumzug angeschaut, bevor wir Nachmittags zu einer der vielen Weinerein (Mudbrick Vineyard) gewandert sind und da mit einem dezenten Blickt über die Weinhänge auf Auckland, vier einheimische Weine gekostet haben. 🍷

8 December 2017

Am Freitag nach der Schule sind wir mit der Fähre zum Südlichen Teil des Northshore von Auckland gefahren. Da waren wir zum Mittag Sushi essen 😋🍣🍱 und sind dann eine Aussichtsplattform hochgestiegen von der man links den Vulkan der Rangitoto Insel sehen kann und rechts die Skyline von Auckland City. Da haben wir den Nachmittag in der Sonne verbracht ☀️

7 December 2017

6 December 2017

Wednesday is Pub Night 🍻 Nach der Schule werden immer noch Aktivitäten angeboten. Also Praktisch wie AG’s früher... im diesem Sinne nahmen wir gestern alle an der AG Saufen Teil. Wir haben Billiard gespielt und sind später noch in einen Club gegangen. War ein lustiger Abend ☺️

4 December 2017

Von Doha war ich dann 16 Stunden und 55 Minuten in den Flieger nach Auckland eingepfercht. War wie erwartet wenig erholsam aber wenigstens gab es gutes Essen 🍽👍🏼 Jetzt gehts mit dem Shuttel zum Haus meiner Gastfamilie und dann direkt mit dem Bus zur Sprachschule 🧟‍♀️

2 December 2017

Auf in die Zukunft ⏩ Ich und mein 15,2 kg Reisebuddy. Um 16:50 startete mein Flieger in Tegel, mit dem ich 5 1/2 h nach Doha unterwegs war. Ab 2:25 Uhr Ortszeit Doha ging’s dann weiter nach Auckland.
Irrenhaus? Als kleinen Abschied kam heute zu meinem letzten Abend meine Familie zu Raclette und Wein 🍷 Ich werd Euch so vermissen 🙋🏼❤️