Australia · 144 Days · 31 Moments · January 2015

160 Days in Australia

13 June 2015

first day in Melbourne🌆

6 June 2015

Cooly rocks on, 50' & 60's festival in Coolangatta

29 May 2015

Weekend spend in Surfers Paradise🌃🎉

19 May 2015

Daytrip to brissie not really a exciting City, but we got good food😁

17 May 2015

Daytrip to Byron on Sunday⚓️ nice town with loads of backpackers and tourists. maybe a little bit overhyped, there are a lot of hippie stores but everything more expensive. would love to go there at night, I think then u really get the feeling of this place and the people😏🍁

9 May 2015

friday to saturday marlene,grace and me had a little sleepover at my place cause we had to stand really early to climb Mt. Warning! we went wit my hostsister and a friend of her, it took us 1.5h up and down so we walked 9km in 3hours. Walking up was really exhausting and I could feel that I haven't done sport since I'm here. the last part we really ha to climb and it felt like 1000 squats. But it was definetly worth it, the view was amazing! Going down wasn't that exhausting but really difficult cause u had to be really concentrated not to slip on those rocks. All in all a great experience, but I think I wouldn't do it again🌁

25 April 2015

100th Aniversary of Anzac Day watched the parade and zeremony in kingscliff. wasn't that exciting but definetly interessting to watch. after that we went straight to the beach and it was so beautiful. Never seen the creek so clear, it was perfect. we saw so many fish it was amazing😍🐠

19 April 2015

Last day :( Flew from Alice Springs↔️Sydney↔️Brisbane and from Brisbane with the Gold Coast Train until last station. Was so exhausting and terrible flights bc seat in the middle between random people and no veggie food😩

18 April 2015

Day 8 was a hike through Kings Canyon, even if it was exhausting it was definitely worth it, such an awesome view!!🗻

17 April 2015

On day 7 we hiked around Uluru for 2.5 hours, was a nice walk but a little bit boring bc in the end it's just a rock😉

16 April 2015

woke up at 5:30 to watch the sunrise at Uluru and having Breakfast🌅 Afterwards we went to Katja Tjuta and hiked there for 2hours. Amazing view from the top!
5th day we finally passed the border and were in the Northern Territory! We camped in the Ayers Rock Resort (sadly we couldn't see any stars). But we watched the sunset at Uluru 🌄

14 April 2015

still 4th day we continued our drive to cooper pedy. We visited an opal mine and a Kangoroo rescue sanctuary (they had such a cute baby Kangoroo)😍 we slept in one of those underground hostels which was a really different experience👌
4th day, we woke up seeing an amzing sunrise. It was the first time we camped in our "swags" in William Creek🌅

13 April 2015

3rd day, again driving and visited some pretty cool places, of which I, of course forgot the names😁

12 April 2015

2nd Day was just driving and some stops inbetween to make pictures. We slept in a hostel sort of thing and had a big BBQ and a campfire! Had the most amazing view on the stars🌌

11 April 2015

exploring Adelaide and found such a good pancake restaurant, holy crap they were delicious😍 and met juli, who's doing the outbacktour with work n holiday, in our hostel!!
2nd week of the holiday means outbacktour!! So lets start the journey and fly to Adelaide🌆

9 April 2015

Bike trip to caba🚲👭

8 April 2015

Went for a shopping trip up the coast to pacific fair👭💳💸
stood up before 6 to watch the sunrise, was definitely worth it🌅

6 April 2015

Bike trip to Fingal👭🚲

3 April 2015

Night Market at Kingy🔮

29 March 2015

17th Birthday with way too much good food😍

20 March 2015

such an amazing day after school ! walked an hour from school to casuarina and went swimming and surfing🏊🏄🌊

13 March 2015

Quiksilver & Roxy Surfcomp, Finals🏄🏆

12 March 2015

Be brave and shave at school💇

7 March 2015

alltime favourite beach🌊🌴

3 March 2015

Dinner with a view in cooly🌃

24 January 2015

Welcome Days in Adelaide🌅

20 January 2015

20/01/15 Abenteuer beginnt✈️