Spain · 4 Days · 5 Moments · May 2016

Alina's adventure in Barcelona, Spain

29 May 2016

Yesterday we finally went to the beach. We cycled asking the coast to get to a quieter place and we found a lovely oasis with lovely clear water 😃 Could definitely do this every day hehe

28 May 2016

So...Sagrada Familia is right on my way to school. Nice to see this everyday!

27 May 2016

Yesterday we visited Ironhack and we loved it. We met some of the previous students, talked about apps and got all excited about starting the course. We also tried to tattoo ourselves with henna, but we failed. Lastly, we went to Carrefour and kinda got lost in it. That place is like a labyrinth. We ended the day with a nice trip to the market. I love the market! Full day again... 😃

26 May 2016

Got some amazing bikes, cycled around and Im almost starting to feel at home. Especially after this lovely dinner in our patio 😃 Ah, we also found HEMA which just opened in Barcelona. Hehe!

25 May 2016

Amazing first day! Barcelona is so damn beautiful! At least the sea side for now 😉