Asia, Europe · 14 Days · 277 Moments · September 2015

Eastern Europe Trip

21 September 2015

FRA to HKG on the 747-8i
Going home

19 September 2015

On the wall
On the city wall
We got our tickets!
Looking for the entrance to the city wall
On the shiny street
Goofy faces
Ive ordered a dish called "Hot kisses"
Ordered a seafood platter
Seafood lunch
Entering the narrow street of the old town
To the old city!
Arrived at our place
On the way to Dubrovnik
Can't stop taking pics
We even drove in one of it to take some pics. I believe this is Neum, Bosnia. It is very interesting that we need to cross boarders Cuz there's a part that's cut off
Through many small coastal towns
We were told the scenery driving from split to Dubrovnik is awesome! Driving along the coast
Our last stop- Dubrovnik

18 September 2015

End of our island excursion which was mainly consisted of eating. Next time hopefully we get a chance to visit the blue/green caves
Early dinner at Dalmatino (restaurant recommended by his frd)
Buying lavender souvenir since this island is known for its production of lavender products
Heading back to Hvar main island
Really want to swim here!
Absorbing the moment~
Wine at Zori
Main course is our steak (from best animal farm across Europe)
Very good meal
Our appetizers: tuna tartar and shrimp bruschetta
Look so relaxed waiting for his meal
Many boats come and dock~ many hot bikini girls walking out
Perfect view
Very fast! About 10-15 mins we R there!
Today we planned to have lunch at its outer island. We paid the private speedboat 400kuna~~~
It takes about one hour to get to this island
Taking the Jadrolinija cruise ship to Hvar island
Yay! Island excursion!

17 September 2015

Split is a city with lots of nightlight~ so it's still very lively at late hours
A secret passage that connects the Riva to the palace
Night view
At oysters and sushi~ we craved for Asian food after many days of potatoes!!!
We are outside of the palace again, finding a way to go back
Some of the unique paintings, made by woods that they picked up from the shore. Really want to buy one
Sun is setting and we are heading for dinner!
Having a good time enjoying the view and the sea breeze
Overlooking the city
Walking up the forest Marjan to the first view point
Some 看海 photos before we head up to see the city view
We are back to the Riva again~
silhouette of my man
Cannot get through this hot day without gelato!
Pirate candy shop
The Katedrala (cathedral)
We walked passed and a group of Croatian performers were singing a cappella
The bell tower
Entering through the east gate
This is how the old town used to look like
We will start our day tour in the old palace (today is very hot! 31 degrees and clear sky with absolutely no clouds)
Seafood platter with top grade fish
Somebody is enjoying
Having lunch next to the water
Lol look at our hair!
This is the Riva.
Arrived at the habour front to enquire information about ferry to Hvar (our plan for the next day)
A bright sunny hot day in Split!

16 September 2015

Dinner at Duje. And we learned that their tiger prawns R just like little shrimps
It takes 3hours to get to Split. But somebody is going 180km/hr (speed limit is 130 here). Yay! So we got to our Airbnb place in less than 2.5hrs
Finished our 5 hours of hiking~ now we are on the road again!
The famous shot
The giant waterfall behind us
The giant waterfall
Look at how happy he is~~~ after 3hrs of hiking
Our second part! The lower lake
We are taking a little boat ride across the lake to see the lower part
Look at that tree!
Check out where we are at!
Chok chok chok
Another fall
The first little fall
The water in the lake are so clear! Look at its Colour!
Here we go!
The arrow points out we are on the highest stream
From entrance 2 to take a bus to the upper part of the lake (we are taking the H route)
We drove 2hours to plitvicka from zagreb last night after dinner. Now we are at entrance 2 (which is only 800m away from our place).

15 September 2015

Amazing food. We had two dishes that were prepare at our table (beef tartar and fish in sea salt). We also tried the truffle pasta.
At last we made it to the Esplanade Hotel at zagreb to try its famous restaurant Zinfendel
Zagreb airport
Boarding at Vienna for Zagreb

14 September 2015

At the bierteuef (beer devil) restaurant
St. Stephen's church
Sacher tote at sacher hotel
Lunch at vienna
Belvedere Palace

13 September 2015

Arrived at vienna for a late dinner. As recommended by our host, the only restaurant inside the park
Time to leave hallstatt~ we took the ferry across the lake and another 3hours of train.
We are back today to visit.
At the end of the tour, we get to take the little train out!
Check points of the tour
We get to slide down two different wooden slides to get deep down
Into the mine
We need to go in single file and do not walk outside of the trail
The tour begins~~~~ we first need to change into a miner's wardrobe
Follow this man to the salt mine. He is standing on every turn
Here's where we will be standing
World heritage view
Heading to the viewpoint
We have arrived at the top
Up up here we go
We bought the ticket that includes a funicular round trip and a salt mine tour
Up the mountain we go
I don't get tired of this postcard view

12 September 2015

Night view of the town
We went to Zauner for dinner. I ordered a steak and it came with a strip of fatty and it was unexpectedly delicious! Never tried it before! Howard ordered the local fish which they caught from the hallstatt lake.
Howard met his close friend at dinner
Priceless pics
This is the postcard view of the town
Walking back to our place
Wanted to visit the Beinhaus church with the bones and skeletons, but it was closed, so we will come bak tomorrow
The plaza
Through this narrow street, you can see the town hall
Somebody wanted this photo to be taken like this
Exploring the town before dinner
Went to check out the funicular for tomorrow
Wooden house
Searching for magnets
It gets quite chilly after 5pm when the sun has set beside the mountain
It was such a nice afternoon, so we decided to rent a motorboat for an hour to cruise around hallstatt lake
We had lunch at the town plaza
We r amazed by this beautiful town!
We left Czech via a 3hrs drive from CK shuttle to Hallstatt, Austria

11 September 2015

CK Tower

10 September 2015

At the castle
Many many shots of the town
Our bohemian lunch- the potato pancake is very interesting
Random shots of the town
Looking over at the old town
Arrived at czesky krumlov

9 September 2015

Selfie time
We had the tasting menu. I ordered the most popular and Howard ordered the Czech with wine pairing
Mlynec restaurant next to the Charles bridge
Heading back to Prague for a nice dinner
Our Mark in Kalvory vary
We had too much spring water
Walking through this town is like traveling back in time
Sadova Kolonada (park colonnade)
Famous alcohol
The Mill colonnade
We bought the spa wafers (Lazenské oplatky)
Tržni Kolonada (market colonnade)
Vridelni Kolonada
Our cup to start our spa tasting
Lunch time~
Choosing a cup for spa tasting
We r here at the town of hot spring
On our way to KV

8 September 2015

Dinner at Nota bene
Powder tower
The astronomical clock at the old town hall
Walking towards the old town
Crossing the Charles bridge
Czech cuisine
Konirna restaurant
Heading down for lunch
Selfie time
Inside the cathedral
The fountain goofy pics
Yay! Prazsky hrad!
View of the city
Street pics
Walking to the castle
Somebody is hungry
Taking metro to castle
We r ready to head out to see the beauty of prague

7 September 2015

Quite neat and convenient place to stay
Famous Czech cuisine around the area called Pivovarsky klub. Beer tasting
Arrive in Helsinki
We r heading to Helsinki via finnair