United States of America · 6 Days · 13 Moments · February 2018

Mommy & Me Road Trip to Nashville, TN

11 February 2018

Sunday was a relax and stay in kind of day. But in the afternoon after naps Mei and MaMa decided to go get more donuts and popsicles and do more 📸 shoots. Then we met up with 爸爸 for a yummy dinner @ the Tavern while watching the Olympic Games.
Our first meal the long awaited HOT CHICKEN of Nashville! It was so good we actually had it twice 🤣 Don’t get anything spicier than the HOT. It will not be enjoyable and it will hurt and make you want to cry, feel numb etc.
After Hot Chicken one obviously needs something cool! This place had free arcade games to enjoy while you eat your delicious treat ✌🏻
After working up an appetite at the bridge it was time for pizza and beers! Just mini and me! Sorry 爸爸s gotta work.
Staying up way past your bedtime to go out for late night food and drinks with 媽媽 and爸爸 is totally ok when you’re on vacation! This restaurant had a few bowling lanes in the back that had piqued her interest. Maybe we’ll go bowling when we get back to FW.
Saturday 2/10 was Daddy’s day off so we went to the Adventure Science center and then got Hattie B’s again and brought it back to the hotel while you know who napped! Then we spent some play time in the pool and had donuts for dinner 🍩🍩🍩🍩

9 February 2018

Someone enjoyed running free on this bridge so much we went back again at night to see it lit up and to have a photo shoot 📸
Got to spend a fun Friday morning in downtown Nashville with 爸爸 before he had to go to work 🛫 We ate at Acme Feed and Seed but no 📸. Awesome rooftop area and yummy pork belly tacos 😋

8 February 2018

Mommy and Me silly fun times in our hotel room. It was the perfect type of room for our little family with separate sleeping and living quarters. Free breakfast and HH drinks and appetizers. What a nice treat!
Always love to “Cheese” 📸 when we see some awesome street art/graffiti wall!
Someone was in love with her popsicle! She wouldn’t share but instead said “MaMa, only smell” 😂 she enjoyed it so much we went back a second time a few days later to get some for baba too.

6 February 2018

Our first stop in Nashville. Just a shirt 5 min walk from the hotel we went to see the Parthenon. Didn’t actually pay to go in but it was neat to take pictures outside of it 🤣
Of course we need to have a photo shoot everywhere we go! Centennial Park 📸 sess!