North America, Africa · 1 Days · 2 Moments · March 2017

Alice's journi to United Republic of Tanza...

15 March 2017

We woke up bright (not really) and early after a night of three of us in a single bed to see Kilimanjaro during sunrise, honestly when people say that volcano is shy they aren't kidding, but after a couple of hours and false alarms the clouds parted and we saw this natural beauty. Following this we visited an English Medium School called Stella Maris, we spent break with the students and stayed in a couple of their classes. I wish I could post videos on here of the classes the atmosphere was so beautiful And then after my friend Eli had been an idiot and cut his head open trying to do a flip on the doorframe (yup, 17) we began our adventure to main camp🚙🚙

14 March 2017

So bloody humid, we walked straight off the plane and into what I can only describe as a building the size of our school gym, to go into a room crowded with people and only two immigration desks. It was truly insane to see the difference between the Tanzania immigration and the other immigration I have been through in my life.