Thailand · 1 Days · 4 Moments · December 2015

Alice's adventure in Thailand

15 December 2015

I arrived the Anchan Boutique Hotel at 5:40 in the morning. I was thinking of waiting in the lobby and then have training at 8am in the near Muay Thai gym. The security guard and receptionist in the hotel were very nice and offer a room in the Anchan Hostel for me and let me stay until 3pm, the check-in time in the hotel. The hostel was better than expected with descent king bed, shower, TV and ac as well as a balcony. It's my forth time staying in Anchan Hotel actually. I guess you could guess why I keep coming back. :)
Pick-up trucks are everywhere in Phuket
Went on a taxi and head straight to soi tad ied, chalong. Although it was a midnight flight, there were quite a number of people waiting taxi outside the airport. It costs 800baht from the airport to chalong. The prices were listed clearly in the taxi station. There were also minivans for tourists travel in group or who want to share the transportation fee. However no vans are available for chalong as it is not the popular tourist spot. People usually go to the tourist spots such as Patong and Kata areas. Taxi drivers need to wear uniforms and they have to notice the company once they have sent their customers to the destination. Phuket government did a great job to ensure tourists' safety.

14 December 2015

Alright. Although I've consulted a lot of youtubers about how to pack for a month in a carry-on suitcase, (by watching their videos­čśé), I've failed. I ended up added 20kg luggage to my flight. The boxing gloves, books and laptop really take a lot of space! Now with one medium large suitcase, a backpack, a small purse, and of course, my neon sneakers, which have accompanied me for my last three Phuket trip, I am more than ready to start my very first ethnomusicology field trip!