North America, Europe · 7 Days · 29 Moments · December 2016

Alice's adventure in Dublin, Ireland

2 January 2017

Connector flight #1 of 2 on the way home. 😑😴 Airport was cute and almost everyone on this flight has a northern English accent. Had to go through security again, but the woman in front was so jazzed about her flight it almost made up for it.
I know it comes with time, but just to reiterate, 4am, made it to the bus. These flights are torture.

1 January 2017

It's the Disneyland of Dublin! Such fun and very interactive. Did the proper learning the pour a pint station and made several awesome new friends. Finished our beer downstairs, went up to the gravity bar for a second drink, then went out to dinner together. Best choice I made to sit next to some of the smartest guys in the room!
Proper Full Irish Breakfast and afternoon walk across town crossing over the Ha'Penny Bridge on the way.

31 December 2016

Went to the Walking on Cars concert for New Years to ring in 2017! Met new friends Laura and Ian and got absolutely drenched in the rain. Somehow the only rainy time here happened to be exactly during the hours of the outdoor concert. Still, amazing and wouldn't have missed it for anything. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!🎊☘️🍻
Christ Church Cathedral
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Dublin's National Archaeological Museum and lunch at Café en Seine
Good morning Dublin!

30 December 2016

Boy-O they are big fans of our President! And the driver really likes this rest stop since we stopped her on the way to and from the Cliffs 😂👍🏼
Can you imagine having this waterfall river run through downtown? 😍
The Cliffs of Moher Beautiful. Breathtaking; literally so windy it can be difficult to breathe if you don't take cover. I was obsessed with the island-like bits off the edge and definitely went where we weren't supposed to go on the trails.
The rest stop has a theme!
Headed off the the Cliffs of Moher!

29 December 2016

Utterly magical. Video of kissing of the Blarney Stone can be found elsewhere and you bet I did the wishing steps properly. The poison gardens deserve to have a visit from my dad. Wish we had more time there - guess I'll just have to go back. 😉☘️
The Rock of Cashel. Reminds me of the ruins in Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Dates back to the 13th century. Some of the graves are still well tended.
Successfully woke up for the day trip to Blarney via Cork! First moment to catch a breath in a moment, and couldn't fall asleep last night so it's a minor miracle that I'm here. The playlist on the bus consists of the Game of Thrones theme, My Heart Will Go On, the song Stan's grandpa plays to show him what being old feels like, and the sad song from the ASPCA commercials. Needless to say that I am grateful to have brought an alternate set of music. The scenery is gorgeous, though, and I'm looking forward to kissing the Blarney Stone!

28 December 2016

Finished off the day with a whiskey museum tour and then went to the movies. Off to sleep to prepare for kissing the Blarney Stone tomorrow. G'night!
Stopped by the "Apollo Hostel" which is a building taken over and occupied currently by a resistance in Dublin against the banks and the city, which had control of the Apollo. It was vacant until December 23rd, when the Home Sweet Home rebellion took over the building. They have so many volunteers that they don't know what to do with them. I had the joy of making a new couple of friends, Killian and another Irish boy (both total cuties), and they told me about the need for the homeless to have a place to sleep. One had been there since Christmas Day, and the other took me up to give my donation in person. There were sets of rules all over the walls, no pictures inside were allowed, and they told me they had shifts of as little as little as 2 hours to help keep the place safe. Amazing.
End of the free tour in Trinity. The library is closed which means I won't be seeing the Book of Kells or Darwin's work, unfortunately. There was a view of the spire as Alita told the story about Star Wars. Also, last year, the actor who played Geoffrey graduated from trinity and still lives in Dublin. The opposing sides of the square are called heaven and hell for the side with the examinations and the side with the chapel. About to grab a pint and lunch near Temple Bar!
Temple Bar, learning about local Dublin activism! This year, local Dublin homeless activists took over the Apollo, a vacant government owned building, and gave it to the homeless. They were told to vacate and they refused, and there have been so many donations that they've had to put out a public statement about the inability to take any more. Artists took over this part of town in the 80's and 90's and turned vacant buildings into studios and exhibits. The city invested and now there is a thriving arts and theater scene. Grogans bar is apparently the place Dubliners go for a cheap pint and a toastie. The Spire, or the stiletto of the ghetto, was lit up as a giant light saber for the 2015 Star Wars movie. 😆
The Christ Church Catherdral is the oldest building, and the tower of Dublin is the oldest part of Dublin Castle. The crypt under the cathedral was created in 1172. The cathedral itself was restored by Guinness and a whiskey distillery. Anyone who says we shouldn't drink in church isn't honoring the memory of the restorers. 😉
Good morning, Dublin! Off to the free walking tour!
Woke up mid-nap to meet a fellow solo lady traveler from the Netherlands! Maybe we can explore together 😊

27 December 2016

Spending the early afternoon kicking around a couple blocks from the hostel before check-in. There is a huge open pedestrian street with shops having deep post-Christmas sales. Popped into a small restaurant and got a delicious Irish beef burger, though I must agree with one of my friends from the flight that the bacon is...not the great American bacon (but the burger, cheese, salad and fries all made up for it). Finally got settled into the hostel and am looking forward to an adventure day tomorrow!
Touchdown in Dublin!!! 😆👍🏼🇮🇪🎆🎊❤
Justine! I finally finished the book! 10 minutes until landing in Dublin. Btw, I took your book with me to Dublin, hope you don't mind 😆✌🏻🇮🇪
On the flight from Newark to Heathrow, I switched seats with a neighbor's girlfriend so they could sit together. Ended up next to an American studying in Dublin (UCD for med school) who gave me the real tips for where the party is other than the tourist attractions. We made friends, talked progressive politics strategy - we agreed we should likely focus on getting money out of politics, voting rights, and restricting wall street. To my right was a Northern Irish grandmotherly woman on her way home with her husband from a cruise and 5 day stay in NYC for Christmas. She was unfortunately disappointed by the lack of decorations outside of downtown, and by the lack of snow. "Not at all like the movies," she said. 😉 And she was a little worried for me traveling solo, which was sweet. We agreed, though, that people are generally willing to help and that this is a good first trip to do independently. Didn't sleep at all on the flight. Catching 10 min of 💤 before final leg to Dublin!! 🇮?

26 December 2016

Enjoying a drink in Newark airport. About to board for Heathrow and then a quick flight to Dublin after that! (1) First interaction with people was a booth at BWI where some older men were spending time handing out materials for the LaRouche PAC. Their signs said a collection of things which included; Tell Trump to reinstate the Glass Steagall act, No war with Russia - Putin is our friend, pro-NASA and fusion, and their pitch included saying that the economic crash was invented by the mainstream media. (2) I had a lovely conversation on my quick flight to JFK with a tween with her family on her way to Israel. They go 4x a year to see her grandpa and two aunts. Her fam has 4 old beagles, mom works at a shelter for older dogs, and the girl volunteers to help walk them. She wants to be a vet tech so I told her about UMD's animal science program. She thought my job was pretty cool, though described making calls all the time as sounding "Kind of boring, no offense." 😆👍🏼