United Arab Emirates · 1451 Days · 4 Moments · January 2013

Alice's adventure in Dubai - United Arab Emir

19 January 2017

Just thinking about the fact that four years ago I arrived in Dubai and still I enjoy and prefer so much the old side of the city. Sitting by the Kwar Dubayy shore and listening to that mix of languages and dialects while watching the transit of hundreds abras... simple moment. Go for a walk through the old side of the Creek, get lost in Al Fahidi area (former Al Bastakiya neighbourhood), have some thΓ© Γ  la menthe, wonder yourself with the architecture of some buildings like the beautiful Iranian Mosque of Ibn Talib, follow the shops' tracks in Hindu Lane... πŸ΅β˜•πŸ•Œβ˜‰πŸ›πŸ’ƒ

8 December 2016

Sandpit, extreme temperatures and a constant movement of people. Dubai, the city created out of nothing emerges like an illusion in the middle of the Arabian desert. From the 124th floor at the Majestic Burj Khalifa with ❀
Today's to do list? Under water tunnel at Dubai Mall Aquarium. All an experience not only for the little ones. 🐟🐑🐠

29 January 2013

Enjoy as much as you can the outdoors life while the weather is benevolent πŸ€—πŸ‘’πŸ“·πŸΉπŸ¦πŸœπŸŒž. JBR Dubai walk is a place to relax.