Indonesia · 315 Days · 10 Moments · September 2016

Alfons Aditya's adventure in Indonesia

27 July 2017

I pictured this on the early morning around 06.00 am. This lady is a labor that brings a sack of onion traded in this market. Every morning she does this activity and I drop my tears to imagine if she was my mom. God with you and will always bless you Pasar Legi-Surakarta

23 March 2017

This city gives me thousand memories since I decided to live here. The scenery is so common in this city especially in the morning where local people bring all their goods and selling to others mainly traditional foods. The food is called pecel ndeso consisted of red rice and mix vegetables and the offered price is so affordable for everyone. Why we dont support them to keep selling and preserving their local foods and heritage. Lets support them

22 March 2017

This photograph says deep things about life and it makes me to be gratefull all the time on what I have today. The mother and her son selling some traditional snacks in the morning in Yogyakarta region at the one of governmental offices. He should be at school but this time he helps his mother for selling. Lord, may you bless the soul this child, the kindness and patience on helping his mother are so beautiful

22 January 2017

Gamelan, the traditional musical instrument mostly in Java area. Played by some people and it creates nice and wonderful tunes. I saw all of these local experiences by using a helpful application that I downloaded recently from the Playstore. The apps is so nice and if I am not mistaken it is called worth to try

14 January 2017

I dont know to say but for me black and white photographs tell a lot of stories inside. During my exploration time in this city, I find a lot of interest things like culture, local wisdom, heritage and even wonderful culinaries that embeded to the people, and of them is the celebration of chinese new year where the city paints all the downtown with chinese ornaments
I can say I love the spirit of this person. It reminds us that hardworking will shape our character. I found and learn a lot of things during my traveling time to find the meaning of life. Simplicity is the happiness Location still at Pasar Gede
Morning activity at Pasar Gede, the oldest traditional market in Solo. This market had been built during the dutch colonial era and until today becomes the main center of people in Solo to find any kind of needs especially for the households ranging from traditional foods until tropical fruits. I explore this are by using a handy application called and honestly it was so helpful

3 December 2016

The oldman and his cigarrete, People in Indonesia are very attached with tobacco and because this country produces tobacco and it becomes the main important commodity since the dutch colonial era, so no wonder why the Indonesian tobacco is one the finest product in the world

12 November 2016

Bank Indonesia or The central bank. This one was built by Kuypers if I am not mistaken he is one of the best architects in The NL, so he has another masterpiece here in Solo. Nice building and this is the heritage and historical site of this city.

15 September 2016

Pasar Kembang or Flower Market, this one is quite interesting, open for 24 hours and selling affordable flowers for any purposes such as for traditional ceremonies, wedding, and even for giving something special for the love one. The second storey of this building is used as creative workplace for energic, creative young people to explore their creativity