Italy, Vatican · 179 Days · 5 Moments · August 2016

Alfons Aditya's adventure in Italy

25 February 2017

Always love to see the old buildings. I can say my journey to Rome was kind of personal pilgrime for me. To refind myself, and to thank to the almighty for the goodness I receive until today.
Seeing Basilica St.Peter from the Cupola. I used to dream that one day I will be there, the silence of the soul bring me to understand the meaning of life. To give not to ask, to forgive not to hate
As I remember, this is in Piazza Di Poppolo, love journey for me to

2 September 2016

The say, throw coins to the fountain and you will come back again, I forget if I did it

31 August 2016

Just love the architecture, worth to see for a wonderful journey