United States of America · 10 Days · 30 Moments · July 2015

Alex's odyssey through United States of A...

2 August 2015

Driving down to the shore to see a dead beached whale, and some Smore's for us for desert
BBQ at the tulkins continues
BBQ at the tulkin manor
Davids back yard... Crazy!
Blue bottle caffe with a syphon prepared drip coffee

1 August 2015

Some American shopping and back over the bridge
KUNDE family winery in Sonoma County
Stinson beach and rural California
Road trip with a convertible Mustang!!

30 July 2015

Took a old train ride through the hills of SF sown to fisherman's wharf and looked around
Chinatown and a nice officer who let me sit on his bike
The view from above here was amazing! The place is literally called the view

29 July 2015

A special Macdonalds were you prepare your own burger and they serve it to your table, and it really looks like the commercials!!

28 July 2015

Walking around in SoMa with huge empty streets and very big department stores

27 July 2015

First day in the office and a team outing (and a 10,000 shredded dollars bag)
San Francisco arriving and getting around

26 July 2015

An early Sunday Chinatown and some work on the flight to San Francisco
Some friends in Washington Square park

25 July 2015

Meat packing district craziness, niki minage ass going into a trailer and some late night new York burgers and cool aid!!
Lobster sandwich from a on the street food truck!!
Chilling out in Bryant Park
Another time square madness
Some subway fun in new York!
Great and healthy American breakfast

24 July 2015

Road back to hotel through a piece of central park and two huge canisters of liquid nitrogen on the street!
There are a bunch of apple stores in New York!!
Grand Central station
New York public library
Getting some breakfast
Just landed in new york