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Unterwegs Dihai - Alex' Journey

20 June 2017

Look what I've found! :D

18 June 2017

Tango to The Beatles's Love me do & Cher's Welcomoe to Burlesque; Salsa, Bachata, Chachacha Jive & Merengue (which I've never done before), Black Forest Gateau, tea... I love the Gold Coast!

14 June 2017

Summary: One month in Australia :D
The time of spending evenings in the library and work on assignments has definitely started again! ... Chocolate reminding me of home... and what was left at the end ef the evening :P

10 June 2017

Found the Tango community in Gold Coast :D there is even tea & biscuits!!
Just to let you know, I now actively use twitter to share content which may be interesting from a criminological point of view. that's also part of my participation grade for 2 subjects at Bond uni: forensic victomology & miscarriages of justice! @AlexWuergler

7 June 2017

😂 Best experience ever: Our group of friends being kicked out of my (male) friends' room in student halls by security because we had had a too heated discussion about whether zoos are torturing animals or protecting endangered species against distinction. 1: noise disturbance, completely understandable; 2: no people of different sex allowed in rooms after 11pm 😂 ... Took us a moment to collect all our laptops, books and snacks to leave the room. no alcohol involved whatsoever & the two security officers were really friendly!
Bond University campus

4 June 2017

Trip to Cedar Creek Falls in the Hinterland, Tamborine Mountain

3 June 2017

Gold Coast @ night

1 June 2017

Getting used to posting articles on Twitter as it counts towards the participation grades of my crimonology courses at Bond

30 May 2017

Lecture about persuasive speaking & writing spontaneously moved to outside... I love Bond Uni!

29 May 2017

Gold Coast @night

27 May 2017

More pictures from my trip to Byron Bay the other weekend.

26 May 2017

Surfing weekend in Byron Bay... Beautiful! There tables for dancing are definitely more stable than ours in the fan tent during the Spengler Cup!

22 May 2017

Exploring the city of Gold Coast

21 May 2017

Watching ice hockey with my Canadian friends! And friends of other nationalities
Found a new church <3

20 May 2017

My new bicycle :D I love it - the wheels just need some more air!

19 May 2017

Fireworks and festivities in the rain. My shoes were dedinitely not the only ones that needed to be washed and dried afterwards - Homecoming. Yearly celebration of Bond Uni.
Rain... reminds me of home :P

18 May 2017

15 May 2017

Studying by the lake

13 May 2017

Salsa party im Einkaufszentrum
Reminds me of home :)

9 May 2017

Über Australien

9 May 2017

Bond University :D
Arrived at Bond University! My room & view :)
Above Singapore :D
Eine vo de Pilote ischd sogar Schwyzer :)
I han echt Glück mit de Sitz... Scho wiedr e 3er Reihe für mi :D de muessi abr jetzt besser verteidige als im letzte Flüger! Hinesitze het sich doch glohnt!
Also die Uhre sind echt verwirrend... Ha grad realisiert dass de Zietunterschied CH - AUS doch nur 8 h ischd (u nid 10h) ... woni das s letzmal überprüeft han bini no ir UK gsi u s ischd Winterziet gsi :P
Yey! Ha doch no en Ort gfunde zum mini Fläsche ufzfülle - u das erst no NACH em 2. Sicherheitscheck :D
Wenn s boarding scho fast fertig ischd wenns eigentlich erst afange sött und mer grad no bim final call innechunnt u de security guy verwirrt frägt was denn d ortsziet segi... ischd mer froh zwüsche kaffi u gate nid nomal schnel is bad gange z si! Und nei, mini Uhr het gstumme, abr wegeme zuesätzliche Sicherheitscheck hends quasi es vorboarding gmacht... verwirrend... abr mer lernt mindistens immr 15 min vor offiziellem boarding start vor ort z si!
Guet i Dubai acho!
The most quiet place at 7.30am. Heineken Pub. ... There is latte, plugs & WIFI - life's perfect!
Flug nach Dubai. Emirates. Super fancy u agnehm. Nid überbuecht, ha sogar recht okish schlafe chönne :)

7 May 2017