North America, Europe · 7 Days · 15 Moments · April 2017

Alexis's adventure in Copenhagen, Denmark

29 April 2017

Today is my last day in Denmark 😢 Had so much fun here I really dont want to leave. Today the Buus's took us to Aahus and we went to the history museum. It started before the ice age in Denmark and went to the viking period. I saw preserved ancient bodies and lots of artifacts. We also went to this area where there are roe den in an enclosure. The deer came up to us and ate carrots and let us pet them! We also drove around the Aarhus University too. Now i'm just getting ready to leave!

28 April 2017

Today we went to Aahus, second biggest city in Denmark. We went to the art museum which had a rainbow walk and several floors awesomeness! Next we went to the old town which has houses dating back to the 1700s all the way up to the 1970s. I walked around by myself and took in the history. It was amazing getting to walk around in houses like the ones from my fantasy books. Then as a group we went back to Silkeborg and said goodbye to Ditte. Camilla, Amanda, and I went shopping. Camilla is one savvy shopper, no deal passes her up! We also got a soccer jersey signed by professional soccer players for amanda's brother. For dinner we had a traditional danish christmas dinner which was awesome. Dessert was rizalamande. Both amanda and i had the almonds so we got presents. We brought out our gifts for the family and opened ours. Later us girls watched a movie while i corn rowed Camilla's hair.

27 April 2017

Went to the coast today to a town called blue water, but im not sure how to spell it in danish. Sadly i forgot to take pictures with my pad so not pictures today! The view from the lighthouse was amazing and i found very pretty shells. I even took off my shoes and played in the water. Next we went to Rive and went to the old cathedral there and the viking museum. Rive is the oldest town in Denmark and is full of viking history. I learned alot and was very enthralled by the museum.

26 April 2017

Walked into my room and found these, pretty sure that these weren't in there before. My host mother is so sweet!
Today was a day of discovery! After presenting our PowerPoint (3 times) at the Silkeborg business college we had lunch with next years danish students that will go to Eastern. I learned more about Danish customs and schooling and got to eat ice cream while walking around Silkeborg. After school Camilla, my host, picked Amanda and I up to got to Sky mountain. Fro. The top of the forested hill we could see for miles. It was a beautiful view of rural Denmark. On our way back to the parking it lot it started to hail (or was it snow?) and we took shelter while we ate Danish biscuits. Afterwards we watched a gymnastics presentation presented by all the youth gymnastic groups of Silkeborg because Camilla's mother was working vending there and some of the kids were former gymnastic students of Camilla's. It was cute to see the kids doing cartwheels and flips even. Then we went home for a nice dinner and I helped Camilla with her English homework. 😁
Doing our presentations at the business college!

25 April 2017

Today has been a productive day of sight seeing! After breakfast we started off the day by going to the round tower. The climb was fun and the view amazing! Afterwards we watched the guard change at the palace and went to New Harbor. We split up at this point. Katie, Amanda, and I paired up for a day on the town! We then went to the little mermaid statue and toured the city, findimg bakery shops and a used bookstore. After a delicious warm lunch we headed back to the hostel for rest before our train ride to Silkeborg!

24 April 2017

Today we went to Malmo, Sweden! It was a cold rainy day though. The walk to the train station was cold but at least the short ride across the sea was warm. On the train i learned about Denmark's vet program from a man who is going to vet school. In Malmo we walked to an old castle that now serves as a museum. There was an aqaurium, stuffed animals, and an art gallery. We went back to Copenhagen afterwards because of the bitter weather. Back in Copenhagen it started to rain but soon cleared up thankfully. We walked around shopping for a few hours then went to Tivoli, the amusement park. I rode almost every ride and even the teachers joined in! It was a fun time filled with lots of laughs. By the time of dinner i was frozen! Dinner was especially good though! Well worth the 273 krs! It was a cold but fun day today!

23 April 2017

Finished off the day with a tour of the palace, beautiful amazing no words can describe! Then did a boat. Ride of the harbor... these two sleepy heads fell asleep during it 😚 during dinner everyone got tired so we all retired early.
Finally have time to settle down and do a good journi post! The day of travelling went great! Well, we did have a pretty long delay in dallas. Kristin was getting really nervous about making our connection 😰 The airport provided fun with a musical glass labriynth! Me, amanda, and taylor ran around trying to make music! Finally we got to board! I spent my 10 hours power reading a book on the kindle. The air food was good (zane didnt think so of course). Meet a hot guy in dallas who was taking our flight too, chatted alot. Well i chatted alot... got his number by Frankfurt! 💖 the flight to denmark was nice and short! So happy to be in denmark!
Tiny elevator at the hostel!
Hand pulled Hot dog cart creating traffic!
Long 10 hour flight into germany is over with! Dont know how many hours i am without sleep woohoo! Finally at copenhagen airport! Let the adventures begin!
Copenhagen airport!

22 April 2017

Waiting in Dallas