Russia · 32 Days · 15 Moments · September 2014

Alexandra Vágó

Alexandra's voyage in Russia

20 October 2014

First real snow has fallen! Im scared for the real winter months..

16 October 2014

Really like this ukrainian restaurant! Wish i could say the same about ukrainian borsj..

11 October 2014

Beautiful moscow :)
Must try: canteen on the top floor in ГУМ, since they have a lot food from old soviet states. And the bookstore with those awesome weird notebooks :)

5 October 2014

Saint petersburg was great! :D

28 September 2014

Saturday night in moscow!

25 September 2014

Gotta love school.. :/ worst presentation ever! Ppl are so rude, making fun of us in russian? What the hell? High school again..?

23 September 2014

Such a romantic dinner at mumu.. Hahah

20 September 2014

Beerpong in moscow yeaah!😄
Enjoying the last bit of sun before russian autumn start

19 September 2014

Dinner at две палочки 👍

18 September 2014

From planning to go a photo exhibition to sightseeing and end up drinking in a lovely bar.. Its all possible! 😄😄
Standing on the 0km spot 👍
Today I went to the red square and after two weeks, finally saw the square without the huge tribune in the middle. It was so nice! And omg, the toilets in ГУМ are amaziiingg! So nice that i was even making pictures in the toilet 😂, but luckily i wasnt the only one :)