Greece · 8 Days · 18 Moments · September 2017

My Big Fat Greek Vacay

22 September 2017

Glyfada George's Steakhouse
Kythnos Island Breakfast on the boat We were waked up at 07:00am by a portughese boat that hooked our anchor and pulled us. Now we are trying to leave the marina but we still have some problems with the anchor because of what happened in the morning.

18 September 2017

17 September 2017

In the morning the island surprised us with its beauty.

16 September 2017

Kea Island The sun was set when we arrived to Kea Island. We had dinner at Aristos -a family owned restaurant that Giorgos (our skipper) recommended. The food was delicious.
Our sailing adventure began... We did not know at that time..but this day, the sea was as silent as it can be... we were very lucky to have such a soft start.
Alimos Marina Dia Noche Restaurant We waited for 30minutes to order and 1hour to eat.
Plaka We bought the cheapest magnets ever in Plaka 0,50€/piece. Didi found a Pandora Shop and chose a sea horse for Andrada and an Infinity Sign for herself. Is good to have a lot of symbols as a nation. When we chose in Florence Pandora charms we had 5-6options, but the greeks had their own story for more than 30charms, from wings to sea horses and from owls to charms that looked like olive leafs. The boys bought narcos style hats and I had a makeover into a greek godess πŸ˜‚. Also we were shocked by the number of dick shaped souvenirs they had.
Parthenon On top of the Acropolis is the Parthenon - the Temple dedicated to Godess Athena. It was unde construction during our visit, but still it was impressive.
Dionysos Theatre The first thing we saw during our walk on Acropolis was Dyonisos Theatre. We didn't visit it, but we took some pictures from above. The night before when we had dinner at Dionysos Zonar's we could hear that a show was taking place right there.
Acropolis We chose to visit the Acropolis in the morning in order to skip the big queue. We left from the hotel at 09:00am and before 10:00am we managed to get to the Acropolis by uber, buy the tickets and enter through the gates of Acropolis. The view is breathtaking!

15 September 2017

Dionysos Zonar's The food in Greece is really great. And this restaurant has the best view in Athens. Next time in Athens we should definetly repeat this experience.
Mount Lycabettus Another stop on our list was Mount Lycabettus, where you can arrive after climbing a lot of stairs and after you have paid 5€/person for the funicularπŸš‡ that will take you there, but is totally worth it. You can see all Athens from up there. Is breathtaking! You can also have a drink there and visit a little church just on top of the mount.
Once we got into the doubledecker, the scenery started to change and beautiful buildings and clean streets started to appear before our eyes.
Monastiraki Square One of the stations of the Sightseeing tour was also a touristic attraction that we wanted to see, so we hit two rabbits with a shot (Romania saying 😁).
We decided to go back to the initial plan and hit some objectifs on our itinerary and also to take a doubledecker for a sightseeing tour. So we hit the road through the streets of Athens, which honestly, dissapointed me a little: lots of abadoned buildings, dirt and homeless guys sleeping in the street in the middle of the day.
Kuzina - near Apollo Themple So the thing with plans made before you hit the destination is that you need to take into consideration a lot of factors in order to be able to stick to it. It took me several hours back home to make a very thorough itinerary for us to follow (on Visit a City app), but.. So we were supposed to check in at the hotel, change our clothes and leave the hotel by 02:30pm. Instead, we arrived at the hotel around 02:30pm and they said that our rooms are not ready for another hour. So we just left "the premises" in our 8hours already worn outfits to hit the next stop on our list in time. Restaurant Aleria -no.2 on Tripadvisor supposed to be our stop for lunch, but I forgot to check the opening hours, so the restaurant was closed up to 07:30pm. My feet were already begining to hurt, even though right before the trip I bought special shoes which I believed to be perfect for walking. My bad! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ All in all, 30min later, we succeded in finding the perfect location.
We discovered that the best way to transfer from airport to Athens is by taxi or uber. Instead, we chose (don't actually know why) to take the subway, which was totally not worth it. The price for the cab from airport to the center of Athens is standard -20€/taxi. The uber cost the same in Athens and the taxi drivers are also ubers, in general. So as I said, we took the subway for 8€/person and we had to wait for it like 20min and carry our lugages a lot because we had to change the line at some point. Moreover, the subway got very crowded when we reached the central stations.
So we left our home town Pitesti early in the morning by car. Somehow we managed to get in time to the airport and also do some duty free shopping. I bought my favourite sun glasses of all times πŸŽ‰. We flew with Aegen Airlines and the flight to our destination -Athens was one hour and a half.