United Kingdom, France · 6 Days · 14 Moments · May 2017

Half Term in Seillans May/June 2017

2 June 2017

Not too much to report! We rose pretty dam early for me! I must have counted about 50 Porches!! We stopped in a lovely little village for a croissant and coffee in a tiny little shop with a big 'terrace' - it would have been the 'market'. The roads were pretty crowded south but the further north we went they were freer - including 1 stretch were we couldn't see another car in front of us for a long way! We had lots of laughs in the car - mostly at Frankie's expense! She sang out loud to the songs she was listening to on her headphones- you couldn't even tell what song it was! We nearly died of heat in the train as we were on the top level without air conditioning- but survived to tell the tale! We arrived home at approximately 3pm - I think much to Lucy and Rebecca's surprise! They had been staying to look after the animals whilst Rebecca revised for her ALevels.

1 June 2017

Our last day as we decided to drive back over 2 days rather than thru the night! We went to the market in Fayence in the morning, and bought lots of goodies including a few bits of jewellery for the girls, tea towels, cushions for the pool, pesto and the obligatory nougat! - and a handbag for me! We had a lovely time by the pool until a big thunder storm threatened and we ate lunch and left at 3.15pm. We stopped for dinner near Lyon in a funny little place called Chez Roberto that seemed to be run by an old man who looked pretty rough and had food all over his clothes and his son who was looked pretty dapper and clean in his pristine chef whites! - quite a contrast. They cooked everything in a wood fired oven! We drove to Dijon and stayed in a Holiday Inn where there were loads of Porches - I found out the next morning by asking a French driver that they were all staying there before going to a track day nearby. Great fun to see so many supped up Porches!

31 May 2017

Another pool day after playing tennis on the courts in the village - Miles eventually beat us all! Lunch at the Villa and dinner at Chez Hugo which was slightly disappointing- the food was actually pretty good but there was no children's menu at all or reduced price or even simplified dish! It was extremely slow and the staff were pretty rude except for the very friendly co owner!

30 May 2017

Chris, Miles and Lila went off for the morning White water rafting at the Gorge du Verdon. Frankie and I spent the morning wandering around Seillans, where we bought a few postcards, and a pair of shouts for F and a wooden salt dish for me. We then did some homework and swam! In the evening we went to Le Deux Rocs for a really wonderful dinner!!

29 May 2017

Supermarket shopping in Fayence. Relaxing by the pool on the new hard to find toys! Dinner at the Villa

27 May 2017

Relaxing by the pool and dinner at Le Glorie de mon Pere
BA news alert! The Euro Tunnel Train. I can't believe that there is such a thing as 'toilet of the year award!!!
We packed up and left on time - all went smoothly although there seemed to be a bit of a problem and delay checking in at Gatwick with BA! After many hours we found out that there was a world wide BA computer shutdown! Eventually we were able to collect our bags and returned to HH to get back in the car and set off at 5.30pm for a long but easy drive thru the night to the South of France! We arrived at 8.30 the next morning!