Switzerland, Finland · 13 Days · 34 Moments · June 2017

Alexandra's Tour durch Finland

29 June 2017

part 2
A little boat trip around the islands.

27 June 2017

and part 4 before it started to rain
Part 3
Part 2
with the Runeberg to Porvoo and back to Helsinki. The ship is over 100 years old.

26 June 2017

Old typical finnish farmhouses in Seinäjoki
Impressions put of the train
On the train to Seinäjoki. These is economy class

24 June 2017

Suomenlinna part 2.2
Suomenlinna part 2.1

23 June 2017

Midsummer bonfire

22 June 2017

Last part Sea Life; a picture of the fun park, one of the crazy weather (yeas it's hail) and a cool store and the result of me going into a cool record store
Sea Life part 5
Sea Life part 4
Sea life part 3
Sea Life part 2
Sea Life part 1
A walk around Tölöölake

21 June 2017

Zoo part 3
Zoo part 2
Zoo Part 1
Waiting for the ferry to the zoo, which is on an Island

20 June 2017

Just a walk in the center

19 June 2017

And to finnish that great day some biffy clyro and the amazing Foo Fighters who gave us 5 extra songs
Foodbreak and next concert of the Kills
Apulanta punkrocked the stage🤘🤘🤘
Rock the Beach Part 1. Vant is a really cool band. Check them out and enjoy🤘🤘🤘Next band will be Apulanta

18 June 2017

Suomenlinna 1.3 Impressions
Supmenlinna 1.2 Impressions
at 2:45 in the morning and still jot really dark....

17 June 2017

Wow. The outside of the building disappointed me, but that appartment is cool.😁
Waiting for my luggage to arrive🤔
Waiting for Baggage Drop being way tooo early at the airport🇫🇮😁