Fiji, Australia · 7 Days · 19 Moments · September 2016

Ridden/Robinson's break in Fiji

3 October 2016

What a night! Hard Rock Cafe at Port Denerau for dinner followed by an unexpected cultural show of Polynesian fire dancing. The big kids hit the pool for a night swim and then a family games night before passing out.
At the resorts "owners drinks" Caitlyn was really excited to perform the Fijian song and Meke dances they had learned that afternoon in kids club.
This afternoon the resort hosted a kayak race on the ocean. Caitlyn's initial reluctance was soon overcome with shouts of "I'm so glad we did this Daddy!" Julian and Caitlyn won their first heat against some teenaged girls and their final was called a tie against teenaged boys.

2 October 2016

A perfect day, started off with coffee at a swim up bar. Why? Because we could! Swimming and more swimming. Lunch- hitting the adults only pool, and then taking the kids over to the Raddison next door for much water sliding. They may have a pool safari planned for tomorrow. We home for the serenades before they got to the pool and they gave us a round of old McDonald's farm for the youngest traveller. Finished off at the most perfect fish and chip shop for dinner before games night.

1 October 2016

Lazy crepe start to the day, and Caitlyn finally had her Fiji hair done. After more lazing (thanks kids club). Some girl time heading into Port Denerau for prezzies for friends and a new Fiji dress.

30 September 2016

Off on an adventure on the Jolly Bula with a scurvy crew of pirates for snorkelling fish feeding, lunch turtles, boom netting, paddle boards . . . .

29 September 2016

Thanks to kids club frog hunt and movie night; a lovely grown up meal and island dancing at the beach bar. My favourite traditional Fijian dish, Kokoda served hipster style.
All ready for a post breakfast swim!

28 September 2016

Why sit with the olds for breakfast? We make our own restaurant.
It's 7:30, after holding them back for a full hour I finally caved for a pre-breakfast swim. They are living having the whole pool to themselves.

27 September 2016

Not even been here ten minutes and already we are poolside with cocktails. We Ridden's know how to holiday.
First selfie as we arrive at the resort. Woohoo!
We made it. Caitlyn is now in charge of getting the bags apparently.
Spot who is excited on the plane! ;)
Name of the destination is written on the plane. Just to make sure we don't forget
Amazing scenery as we fly in to Fiji.
Quick bite of breakfast in the Qantas lounge before takeoff.
Off to the airport at insanity o'clock, and breakfast at the Qantas lounge. Gotta love Julian's platinum flyer status.