Europe, Asia · 232 Days · 49 Moments · September 2017

Alex 's Sabbatical

20 May 2018

Plitwitzer lakes and Krka National Park

19 May 2018

Area around omis with: -Zip line and beach -Awesome drive to Sveti Jure close to Makarska -Late breakfast in Trogir

15 May 2018

Quick trip to San Marino (1-3) City and beach of Cervia (4-7) On the ferry from Ancona to Split/Croatia (8)

11 May 2018

From Lago di Garda over Venice to Cervia

6 May 2018

From Iseo to the Dolomites. Above 2000m it's still quite cold but awesome scenery

1 May 2018

First tours with the bike. From Nürnberg to lago di iseo (Italy)

20 March 2018

At last with more control. Great fun and finalized with the license
Südtirol B-)

17 March 2018

First flight with altitude difference of 800m

11 March 2018

The first flights B-)
Analyzing and becoming better

8 March 2018

First tour with the new bike in the franconia swiss. A lot of fun!

25 February 2018

Back Home in Nürnberg. Thank you all for your comments and participation. The map shows my stays in the Philippines. Only those places that are marked with a black number have been visited according to the journi entries.

21 February 2018

Malapascua - last stop in the Philippines

19 February 2018

Kalanggaman Island for 2 days with countless falling stars and great visibility of milky way

12 February 2018

Absolutely AMAZING! Whalesharks! Both we saw were around 6 to 7 meters Close to the island of Leyte

7 February 2018

Port Barton with Island hopping and the visit of the local waterfall. Still on Palawan Island in the west of the Philippines

5 February 2018

At and around Nacpan beach. My beach, my house, my bike... ;-) Just chilling...

31 January 2018

Coron Island hopping with amazing beaches and snorkling - really beautiful but very touristy

28 January 2018

Diving at Apo Reef. Can you find the shark?

26 January 2018

Apo Reef Island. Stayed 2 days on the island and slept in tents directly at the beach as there are no houses. Paradise Island

22 January 2018

At the Beach now! In Puerto galera / Aninuan beach

21 January 2018

1. Banaue rice terraces 2. Me at banaue rice terraces (; 3. Waterfall close by

19 January 2018

Most beautiful cave I have seen so far. The caving was so narrow in some places that I had to take of my little backpack and rob through little holes. Very recommendable but exhausting

17 January 2018

1. View from my room from the 18th floor in Manila 2. Start of a 10 hour journey to the north of the Philippines. Let's see how I will look at the end (;

16 January 2018

On my way to the Philippines

4 January 2018

16 December 2017

1. Me and a holy man incl the 3rd eye 2. Corpse burning site. The ash goes into the river afterwards 3. Boudhanat Stupa 4. Bhaktapur, city close by Kathmandu 5. Buffalo offering in front of temple (don't zoom in if you cannot see blood)

9 December 2017

Can you identify the animals? ;) All pictures are taken in chitwan national park

6 December 2017

1 - 2: Sunrise in Sarangkot 3. Me relaxing on boat after cycling and rowing 4. World Peace Pagoda

4 December 2017

Paragliding by Pokhara

1 December 2017

1. Private audience with the local Lama. Nice guy 2. First Pizza + beer after 4 weeks in Himalaja and monastery. It's the small things in life ;) 3. Main road in Kathmandu towards Pokhara. 8 hours for 230km

25 November 2017

In the monastery

17 November 2017

1. My highest Peak Kala Patthar at 5643m with Mt. Everest in Background. Pity that the Wind cannot be seen. 2. Mt. Everest Base Camp at minus 12 degrees 3. Just a wounderful landscape 4. Cho La Pass with glacier

16 November 2017

1. Selfie 2. Solar water boiling system

14 November 2017

1. Gokyo Peak. The First Peak in Nepal for me at 5357m 2. The view from above 3. Cho la Pass at 5420 m with the glacier in the back 4. Just a nice pic Fyi: arschkalt ist es hier

12 November 2017

1. Cho Oyu. Sechsthöchster Berg der Welt im Hintergrund 8188m. Daneben ein über 30km langer Gletscher 2. Gokyo 4800m where we will sleep the next 2 days

9 November 2017

7 November 2017

1. The highest mountain on earth Mt. Everest 2. Me on the way to it

6 November 2017

Landed B-)
On the way to Lukla

5 November 2017

My local mobile number +9779803040253 in case you want to talk to me ;-)
Experiencing Kathmandu at Swoyambhu stupa

4 November 2017

Last luxury before the Himalaja. Enjoying the last sunbeams of the day on the rooftop terrace with infinity pool

3 November 2017

Last day in germany. On the way to Frankfurt to fly out to Nepal for some weeks ;-)

29 October 2017

Product testing in Swabia. Test result: 100% waterproof Test procedure: Orkan Herwart

27 October 2017

Last day in the Office 2017

1 October 2017

Chilling at 2700m. Let's see how it feels at double the height in 2 weeks time

30 September 2017

Training Camp for Nepal in Swiss Alps