Australia · 98 Days · 108 Moments · July 2015

Alex & Michèle around Australia

25 October 2015

So, after 98 days on the road, over 25,000 km, 2 windscreen cracks, 1 broken UHF antenna, one rescue (of others) and 6 new tyres, we are home!

24 October 2015

We made back to the West Coast (near Dongarra) and found a beautiful remote campsite on the beach, for our last night of our fantastic trip.
Last night we camped in the beautiful little town of Sandstone, with great campsite and some nice sights in the vicinity, like (another) London Bridge.

23 October 2015

First stop today was to inflate the tyres as we hit tarmac and while we were at it we decided to change our 6th punctured tyre. 2nd stop was at Lake Ballard, which is a huge salt lake where they installed sculptures, which makes the lake more interesting. Note the fashion accessories on Michèle (headgear) and Bazinga (footwear), which look very cool, but are also very effective.

22 October 2015

We finally saw some wild camels on our way to Warburton while driving through surprisingly diverse (desert) country. We decided to camp at Giles Breakaway, which provided us with stunning views over the vast country side and even the flies could not spoil it, although they really tried.
This morning we visited the Giles weather station near the roadhouse. It's the most remote station in Australia. We were hoping to see the weather baloon launch, but the timing was a bit confusing as we're in Western Australia but the roadhouse is on Northern Territory time and the weather station on South Australia time! We did get to see an old piece of rocket and the Grader used by pioneer Len Beadell to grade vast roads across Australia. Heading back on the road towards the west now.

21 October 2015

We didn't get as far as planned today. The day started off well with a walk around then we headed off and although we couldn't go right up to Uluru or the Olgas with Bazinga, we got quite close from the road and it was spectacular. Shortly after that, we left the main road and entered the Great Central Road which was sandy/gravelly and pretty rough. After 80km we came across a young (18 year old) German couple who had had a pretty bad crash. They lost control and rolled the car quite a few times. Incredibly, they only had a few cuts, but the car was a complete wreck, we can't believe how lucky they were. Another car passing went back to Uluru to get the police to come and we waited with them. The police took 5 hours to come but at least they took them back to the resort where they can get organised. We are now at an Aboriginal roadhouse (Warakurna) for the night and there are a few Dingoes about.

20 October 2015

On the way from Coober Pedy to Uluru we encountered some solar powered cars competing in the World Solar Challenge. Unfortunately the Belgium team had some technical difficulties at the roadhouse where we stopped for fuel. In Uluru we (including Bazinga) patiently waited for the rock to turn red, but due to some clouds this never happened, but it gave us a beautiful sunset, especially over Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).

19 October 2015

Yesterday we saw loads of emus along the road and we passed Lake Eyre, but unfortunately the yacht club (in Marree) was closed, so no sailing trip for us. After another busted tyre we ended up in Coober Pedy, which is an interesting (opal) mining town, where almost every thing is underground.

18 October 2015

Today was a preparation and driving day for the last stretch through the red centre. Ended up at Merna Mora Station where we camped along a dry river bed under a beautiful gum tree and fantastic view on the Flinders Ranges. It would almost be perfect if it wasn't for millions of flies.

17 October 2015

Today we only had one goal and that was making it to the 'Home of the Brave' in Nuriootpa, which is the place where our favourite wines (First Drop) are made. It also proved to be the best and most friendly winery we have ever visited, and Bazinga got spoilt rotten with Jamon Serano and pork from the very dog loving staff.

16 October 2015

Today we left Port Fairy, after visiting it's beautiful beach and marina. Our first stop was at Portland after which we continued to Cape Bridgewater where we visited the Petrified Forrest and admired the rugged coastline where apparently there are some blowholes, which we could not find. Then we stopped at the beautiful beach at Cape Bridgewater where we had lunch and Bazinga had another beach run. Finally we ended up in Tantanoola after ( unexpectedly) passing through Donavans where we found a lovely spot along the river.

15 October 2015

We drove the last stretch of the Great Ocean Road from Peterborough to Warnambool with more amazing scenery (Bay of Islands). At Warnambool we had our UHF-arial fixed, which broke off some time ago in the South West of Tasmania. Now camped in Port Fairy, which is a beautiful little town, apparently recently voted the most liveable town, it has a nice historic centre, beautiful beach, a river and the Great Ocean Road on its doorstep.

14 October 2015

Now we understand why the call it the GREAT Ocean Road! The drive is spectacular and although the famous Twelve Apostles were barely visible due to locally heavy mist, we loved all the other sites; the Arch, London Bridge, Grotto, Carisbrook Falls and when driving through Otway National Park, we spotted loads of Koalas and one mother and child were so friendly to come out of their tree so we could take better pictures. We are now staying the night at Peterborough, with a beautifully rugged coastline were many ships have been wrecked.

13 October 2015

Lunch in Aireys Pub followed by a little sightseeing at Split Point Lighthouse. Now off to find a campsite in Lorne.
On the Great Ocean Road, checking out the surfing talent at the famous Bell's Beach.

12 October 2015

After lunch we took the ferry from Sorento to Queenscliff from which Bazinga admired the view and had a nice beach run upon arrival. We are staying the night in Queenscliff ready to start our drive along the Great Ocean Road.
Another winery lunch, this time at Montalto after very pleasant and tasty visit to The Cups Estate.

11 October 2015

Lunch at Barmah Park Vineyard. Cheers!

10 October 2015

Haven't had an update for a while...last week was spent around Melbourne. Alex had to fly back to Perth for his citizenship ceremony so Bazinga and I kept ourselves busy in the campsites, visiting the best dog beach ever at Brighton beach, going to doggie daycare so I could head into the city and once Alex was back we also got the car in for a slightly overdue service as we clocked 20.000 km on our trip so far. We are now at a campsite in Stony Point on the Mornington Peninsula, where Bazinga is recovering from 5 days of city fun (including a holiday romance with Sophie from Perth).

8 October 2015

Bazinga playing with some of his new mates at the awesome fully fenced Brighton dog beach.

4 October 2015

After an overnight stop at Lake Leake (with interesting locals at the pub watching the grand final), we've just had our last Tassie stop before the ferry back to Melbourne, in Sheffield, the town of murals.

2 October 2015

Wednesday we stayed in Huonville at a very nice campsite along a river, but it was too cold and rainy to take pictures. Yesterday we made our way to Hobart, where Bazinga is staying 2 days at a nice country club while we are exploring Hobart. Last night we had a drink in a cool wine bar (Tasman Quartermasters), before an exquisite dinner in Ethos. Today we sailed to MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), which is a private collection in a very interesting building and includes some interesting art pieces (and some disturbing / weird pieces)

30 September 2015

Recherche Bay walk

29 September 2015

Touring around the Tasman Peninsula and checking out the rugged coastline and a little more convict history; the tessellated pavement, blowhole, Tasman Arch, Devil's Kitchen, Officers Quarters and the dog line. We also went through Doo Town, where all the houses have cool names like 'Doo Me', 'We Doo', 'Love me Doo', 'Doo Write', etc. as well as the 'Doolishus' cafe.

28 September 2015

Great visit to Port Arthur historic site today, they even allowed Bazinga in!

27 September 2015

We found a nice campsite along Tungatinah Lagoon, got a fire going and now preparing for another dinner under the stars.
Stopped off to see "The Wall" in Derwent Bridge. It consists of 100 hand sculpted timber panels, each one metre wide and three meters high. The scale of the work is staggering and must be seen to be believed. Photos weren't allowed, but we recommend a visit if you're in Tasmania.
Little coffee stop in Strahan.

26 September 2015

Driving further South along the spectacular Explorer Way brought us to the beautiful little holiday village of Corinna along the Pieman River. The ferry across the river was operated by the guy behind the bar of the local general store / pub / reception / post office / ... and the sign at the ferry is pretty cool. Unfortunately we couldn't stay at the campsite because it didn't allow dogs. So we crossed the river and headed for Trial Harbour, where we were welcomed at the beautiful campsite by two very relaxed wombats.
Yesterday at the campsite, we managed to see glimpses of Tassie Devils 😀 Today, we continued the Tarkine drive, which is beautiful, and not at all the landscape you think of for Australia. Now off to find a camping spot a bit further South.

25 September 2015

Even the experts think it is cold at night in Tasmania.
And another lovely camp spot along a river.
This morning we went to "Edge of the World" and "Couta Rocks", both beautiful secluded bays. Bazinga seems to have developed a little obsession with Kelp.

24 September 2015

We spent the night in Arthur River looking for Tassie Devils and Wombats, but despite Bazinga's watchful eye we did not see any.
Yesterday we explored the Tamar Valley and it's wineries. Lunch at Vélo and tasting at Tamar Ridge where an Echidna welcomed us. This morning a run in the fenced off-lead park which Bazinga managed to escape from, through the river. Then off towards the Tarkine Drive with a lunch stop in Stanley, at the foot of an extinct volcano, and a beach walk with an amazing number of little red crabs.

22 September 2015

Lunch stop off in Deloraine which is surrounded by beautiful countryside. This evening and tomorrow, to celebrate Alex's birthday, an escape from the cold in "Irish Cottage" at Alice's cottages in Launceston, very cosy 🎁❤️😄
Passing through the Lake Country in Tasmania's central plateau. Beautiful but very cold as they are glacial lakes and there are still some tiny bits of snow around, but not enough for Bazinga to experience it.

21 September 2015

The weather forecast for the South-East of Tasmania did not look too good (severe weather warnings for wind, hail and snow), so we changed plans and headed West. We ended up in the 'historic' town of Ross, established in 1812 to protect travellers from bush rangers, it has kept it's colonial charm with many historic buildings including the bakery which still uses the wood fired oven and makes an amazing vanilla slice.

20 September 2015

We arrived very early (5:30) in Tasmania and after driving a few hours through stunning countryside, we've now set up at an awesome campsite (Cosy Corner South) in the Bay of Fires.

19 September 2015

Quarantine checks were VERY slow, but we're finally onboard the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. We'll be arriving in Tasmania (Devenport) at 6 am tomorrow. Poor Bazinga has to stay in a cage on the car deck though :-(
The local Platypus showed up just as we were packing up the camper :-)

18 September 2015

Spending the night in a wonderful campsite in Tumut. We came here to see Platypus, which we haven't seen yet (hopefully tomorrow), but we've been surrounded by beautiful Blue Wrens (I think) and more possums than we've ever seen. The sunset also treated us to an amazing light show but we couldn't quite capture it on camera.
Arrived in Canberra yesterday and I think it was our coldest night by far; 1degree C! This morning, we put Bazinga into Dogue daycare for a half day so we could check out Canberra. Went to the Australian War Memorial and then didn't really have time for anything else, it's a great museum and you could easily spend the whole day there

16 September 2015

Morning beach run/ walk at rocky beach in Port Macquarie, now heading towards the Hunter Valley.

15 September 2015

Drove through Coffs Harbour and had lunch in the lovely inland town of Bellingen (described as hippy without the dippy). Arrived in Port Macquarie late this afternoon, it seems like a nice town. The campsite is along the river, which is full of Pelicans and we finally saw a Koala; the roadside appears to be much better than a sanctuary!

14 September 2015

Camped at lovely campsite next to a Koala sanctuary in Broadwater, but we can't find any Koalas. Can you see any?
Lunch stop in Byron Bay, much more civilised than the Gold Coast.
Checking out the Gold Coast...not sure we'll be spending much time here.

13 September 2015

Yesterday we headed to Bahrs Scrub just south of Brisbane to meet up with Neil whom Alex worked with in Kuwait about 8 years ago. It was great to meet him and his family, although their 4 dogs weren't too keen on Bazinga being around! After a typical Aussie lunch (a barbecue), we headed back up north of Brisbane (Bli Bli) to pop into the Trayon (our camper) factory in Kunda Park on Monday to pick up some spare parts. In the meantime, we also had to change our plans dramatically as there are no spaces left on the ferry to Tasmania in October. We're now going to head relatively fast to Melbourne for a ferry crossing on Saturday night and then head back up the East coast after visiting Tasmania. A bit of a detour (about 2000km) but we don't want to miss Tasmania.

11 September 2015

Breakfast at Agnes Waters, the most Northerly surfing beach on the East Coast (start/end of the Greater Barrier Reef).

10 September 2015

Surprisingly pleasant visit to Gladstone (where Alex worked 4 years ago) and then on to the town of '1770', which is a weird name, but beautiful lookout. tried to camp at Agnes Waters, but no spots left, so headed back to 1770, where we found a nice campsite surrounded by bush turkeys, which Bazinga is very keen on having for dinner.

9 September 2015

Stopped off at Island view campsite in Kinka Beach. The beach across the road is dog friendly and at least one dog had a great time, not sure the poor crabs enjoyed it as much.
Great free campsite at Boulder Creek. We were welcomed by the fluffy campsite manager Rex, who kept a close eye on all campers.

7 September 2015

The Withsundays are just amazing. Whales splashing in the distance, swimming alongside chilled out turtles, beautiful snorkelling on the reef with multicoloured fish of all shapes and sizes and a visit to Whitehaven with lots of curious stingrays.

6 September 2015

Home for the next couple of days (getaway Catamaran - Whitsunday Islands).

4 September 2015

Airlie Beach seems like a nice spot to start our little sailing trip from. Oh, ... and can someone send us a bit of money as we are bit short to buy a yacht here.
Found a beautiful beach in Bowen (Horseshoe Bay), but no dogs allowed, so we couldn't stay😢

2 September 2015

Tried catching dinner at Balgal Beach, but had to settle for chicken fillet out of the fridge.

1 September 2015

Spent the last day or so in Cardwell. No swimming allowed here due to the chance of crocodiles. The jetty is apparently great for fishing from, so we gave it a go but all we caught was a huge blowfish! Saw lots of turtles frolicking around which was great and there are supposed to also be a few Dugongs around but we didn't spot any.

30 August 2015

Needed some stress-relief at Bibesia beach bar (Castaway Resort).
Stressful day at Mission Beach.

29 August 2015

We left Cairns this morning and drove through lots of sugar cane and banana plantations. We had an outstanding lunch at Bramston beach and then continued to Mission Beach where we are camped pretty much on the beach. We will stay here a couple of nights as we are all enjoying the beach.

28 August 2015

Lovely morning walk in Daintree National Park (Mossman Gorge and Rainforest Walk).

27 August 2015

Diving the great barrier reef (Agincourt reef) got ticked off the bucket list today. The diversity of coral and fish is unbelievable. Back in Port Douglas we enjoyed a few drinks and dinner with Diana, a Columbian girl who was diving with us. Back at the campsite, the amenities colour scheme strikes me. The toilet/laundry block is painted blue and orange, already not great ( looks like Beau Repairs!) but then for the signage, they choose green, purple and yellow...I hope they didn't pay anyone to come up with that!

26 August 2015

Dropped Bazinga off in the nicest kennels we've ever seen ( Karunda Pet Resort) and headed to Port Douglas. The road was amazing, winding hilly roads and deserted tropical beaches. Had a great relaxing evening out without having to worry about Bazinga. Had a great cocktail, called 'Johnny Appletizer' before a beautiful dinner at 'Watergate' and now an early night to prepare for tomorrow's underwater adventures.

25 August 2015

Lovely day in Cairns. First we walked to the Botanic Gardens where unfortunately Bazinga wasn't allowed in, but the walk around the perimeter was still pretty interesting and jungly, then a breakfast stop at osmosis cafe in Edge Hill. It's pretty humid here but I guess that's why they call it the wet tropics. Earle afternoon we walked into town and wished we had brought our bathers when we saw the awesome lagoon pool at the edge of the sea, best free pool we've ever seen. Did a little bit of shopping and then met up with Garry whom Alex worked with a fee years ago. It was a lovely and relaxing day and evening, off to Port Douglas tomorrow to check out the great barrier reef.

24 August 2015

Enjoying a lovely lunch at a beautiful place; Whistle Stop Cafe in Yungaburra.

23 August 2015

After a not very exiting day we ended up in a nice campsite in Mount Surprise, where the campsite manager gave an interesting talk/show about snakes. We also managed to clean the car so that we can arrive in Cairns in style.

22 August 2015

Didn't really get any decent photos, but the road to Normanton was great for animal spotting. Apart from the usual huge number of cows and kites, there were also ridiculous numbers of Walabis looking very sorry for themselves in tiny patches of shade, lots of Eagles feasting on the roadkill as well as about 10 or more Brolgas (like Giant cranes), tons of horses, 1000's of locusts and millions of termite hills. The Campsite in Normanton has a 25m pool, so finally we get some exercise done. Normanton itself is a typical outback town, with some iconic pubs and a life-size replica of the biggest crocodile (8.64m) ever caught, he's unbelievably huge!

21 August 2015

We entered Queensland and passed 10,000km on the road, still a few more to go. Had a little break at Hell's gate roadhouse and then headed to Adel's Grove where we set up for the night. Bit of a change of scenery here, very jungle like, whereas the road was very savannah like. Had a nice swim in the river and now having a relaxing drink before dinner.

20 August 2015

After another great night celebrating our 1 month on the road at Lorella Springs, today was challenging! First Bazinga threw up all over the back of the car, then we had another flat tyre, This time on the only little strip of bitumen we had all unlucky can you be! Apart from that short piece of bitumen the road was in pretty poor condition and apart from a few nice river crossings the landscape was not particularly interesting. Luckily we have now found a nice campsite near the Calvert River Crossing. Nice sunset with loads of flying foxes flying past (black dots on not very sharp picture). Hopefully tomorrow we have a better day.

19 August 2015

After some proper 4WD and a hike, some beautiful pools to cool off in at Nanny's Retreat (Lorella Springs).

18 August 2015

Spending the night at Lorella Springs. Thought it was just a campsite but it has so many amazing places to explore that we're going to stay an extra night. Happy hour at the bar is also a bonus but the dog hating Emu makes it a little tense :-)
Bazinga found the Southern Lost City, but it was a bit hot on his paws.
Nice little break at Butterfly Springs.

17 August 2015

Last night, we had dinner in the garden of the iconic Adelaide River Inn with a famous stuffed Buffalo in the bar. This morning packed up and headed East on our route to Cairns. Staying the night at Tomato Island, which is weird because there is no island, but it's a beautiful campsite. Tomorrow we drive further East and will probably not have any signal for a few days.

16 August 2015

Last day in Kakadu National Park started of with a steep climb to the plunge pools at Gunlom, which feature in the Crocodile Dundee movie. We were the first people up there and had the pools to ourselves. Absolutely amazing. After that we left Kakadu and picked up a very exited and clean Bazinga. Now at the Adelaide River Inn, where they have a stuffed bull that also featured in the Crocodile Dundee movie. If it is any good we might include a picture of him in tomorrow's update.

15 August 2015

We've been looking for salties for days and today we got LOTS on the fantastic Guluyambi Aboriginal run boat cruise on the East Alligator River. As well as all the crocs, we saw Sea Eagles, Egrets, etc. ans we learnt a lot about Aboriginal life and even got to step out in Arnhem Land (Aboriginal Land which you normally need a special permit to enter). Had lunch at the beautiful Jim Jim Billabong, but not too close to the water :-) then onto the really interesting Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Went to Yellow Water and Bukbukluk look out (love the name!) on our way to Gunlom where we are now camped up for the night ready for the Gunlom plunge pool and climb to the rock pools in the morning.

14 August 2015

Kakadu NP is huge and stunning. Some interesting rock art. They used to draw the animals with internal organs, for easy preparing (i.e. ancient cook book) and the first Europeans were drawn as white men with hands in pockets and smoking a pipe. And we finally spotted some Saltwater Crocodiles. Now baking some potatoes on the bbq, while snacking on olives and enjoying a sunset in the bush.

13 August 2015

Made it to Darwin and we still have not seen any Saltwater crocs. Looked around the city a bit and enjoyed a cool sundowner at the Darwin Ski Club (ski = Australian type of kayak for paddling through waves or riding waves) Tomorrow we are of to Kakadu National Park for 3 days without Bazinga (2 nights), who will be spoiled in fancy boarding kennels.

12 August 2015

'Driving day' today so no pictures. We crossed the border into the Northern Territory, driving through the beautiful Gregory National Park with more spectacular scenery (which is impossible to do justice to with a picture). Now on a campsite 40 km North of Katherine. Tomorrow Darwin.

11 August 2015

Catching up on the laundry this morning and then a sunset cruise on Lake Argyle. Luckily, there is a lady on the campsite who looks after dogs, so we could go on the tour. The guide was great and taught us loads about the history and wildlife of the lake in a very entertaining way. We saw plenty of crocodiles, fish, birds and some Walaroos but especially the scenery was stunning with the ever changing light of the setting sun. However the best bit was the 'swim' with a well stocked floating bar and 30,000 crocs...(freshies luckily). We made it back alive and enjoyed another lovely bbq dinner.

10 August 2015

The Karunjie track today was pretty tough but was through fantastic terrain & scenery, with lots of cow obstacles and one more flat tyre...Now at Lake Argyle Resort which we just caught a peak of before sundown. They are showing the movie Australia in the beer garden and although we've already seen it, as it's filmed exactly where we have been the last few days, it will be interesting to see it again.

9 August 2015

Went from Kununurra to Wyndham (nothing very interesting there apart from a huge Boab (25m circumference) and then on to the first part of the Karunji track to Diggers Rest Station Camp. The camp is on a working cattle station and is full of cattle, horses, goats, chooks, dogs, etc. it was hard work controlling Bazinga but he did make friends with the dogs and tried his best to play with the baby goats who were a little wary.

8 August 2015

As there are many places we are not allowed to visit with Bazinga, we took a scenic flight of the region instead. We started off in Kununurra and tracked along the Ord River to the Cambridge Gulf where the five major rivers of the East Kimberley all snake together. Then we followed the Timor Sea north and then onto the King George Falls (which were dry), we passed along the exclusive resort of Faraway Bay and the landed at Kalumburu ( WA's most remote indigenous community) for a delicious picnic lunch and a tour of the historical mission and museum. Next it was off to WWII Truscott airfield, the pearl farms of Vansittard Bay and the famous Mitchell Falls. Enroute back to Kununurra we enjoyed the panoramic splendour of the Cockburn Ranges. Pictures definitely don't do it justice though! Then off to pick up Bazinga after 3 days in the kennels :-)

7 August 2015

Today we explored El Questro a little. First Zebedee thermal Springs where we had the top pool to ourselves...overlooked by a friendly snake. Next onto Explosion gorge with a relaxing cruise where we saw a rock wallaby and a baby crocodile, then we finished off at Branko's lookout for sunset where the resident saltwater crocodiles were splashing in the distance but didn't seem to want to come any closer to give us a better look.
Well, yesterday was a bit different...we got married in the amazing El Questro Wilderness Park. It was a fantastic day :-)

5 August 2015

Dinner last night was really worth it, best food we've had in a very long time, impressive, especially for a remote area, highly recommended. Today, A couple of water crossings on the way from Home Valley Station to Kununurra. No more flat tyres and 2 new ones :-) backtracking a little tomorrow to head to El Questro. The eastern side of the Kimberley is definitely more impressive than the western side, can't wait to explore it more after Bazinga goes into kennels for a couple of nights.

4 August 2015

Today, we drove to Home Valley Station. Nothing to stop at on the way, but beautiful scenery and...our second flat tyre in as many days! No more spares, so hopefully we can make it to Kununurra without a puncture. Took a lovely sunset walk to Mount Bauldy from the station and about to spoil ourselves with dinner and drinks in the lovely looking restaurant :-)

3 August 2015

Nice and relaxed day at Mt Elizabeth Station with a 20km rocky drive to and from a beautiful pool at Wunnumura Gorge, causing our first puncture.

2 August 2015

Visited some beautiful gorges (Adcock Gorge, Galvans Gorge, Barnett River Gorge & Pool) and now staying a couple of nights at Mount Elizabeth Station.

1 August 2015

Left Broome this morning headed for the Gibb River Road. Quick stop by the prison Boab where we tried out Bazinga's booties for the first time as the ground was too hot, he got lots of complements! Went through Derby where pretty much everything was closed then onto the Gibb River Road, the first part of which is not terribly interesting but must be beautiful in the wet season with the boabs in flower. We skipped Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek as we already saw those great spots a few years ago...and Bazinga's not allowed there. Passed by a rocky profile in the Napier Ranges which apparently looks like Queen Victoria. Now camped for the night at March Fly Glen which luckily doesn't currently have any of those evil march flies!

31 July 2015

Happy reunion with Bazinga yesterday and today heading to the Gibb River Road.

30 July 2015

Unfortunately we could not go on boat-trip this morning to see the giant tide (15m) at Cygnet Bay. Visited Beagle Bay Aboriginal community to see the Mother of Pearl Altar and gave some TLC to the resident dogs and puppies. Later some whales decided to give us a show after we had installed ourselves on a new campsite.

29 July 2015

And another terrible choice of campsite... 😀 (Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm).

28 July 2015

Guess where we are...

27 July 2015

Left Karijini behind us and heading for Broome. The amount of road-trains that we came across was ridiculous. A short lunch stop in Port Headland took a bit longer than planned as 2 chips appeared in the windscreen when we entered the town. Now on a rest stop along the river which just got invaded by cows.

26 July 2015

Unfortunately we can't get pictures from the camera to the iPad at the moment, but no picture we could have taken of the last 2 days in Karijini could have done it justice. It's an amazingly beautiful place and well worth a visit. We'll try to upload a few photos another day. To get an idea of the pictures we tried to take:

25 July 2015

Traffic jam on the way to Hamersley Gorge

24 July 2015

Drove through beautiful green hilly countryside (almost feels Irish??) and now at Tom Price for the night. Tomorrow Karijini National Park.
Left Ningaloo station. Don't be fooled by the state of the homestead. Great camping spots. Now on our way to Tom Price / Karijini.

23 July 2015

Took a bit of effort but we finally have reached the perfect campsite on the beach. Just need the sun to come out.

22 July 2015

Plans kept on changing but we finally reached an accessible camp site (Ningaloo station). And at last some rest after lot of driving including an hour 4wd-ing in the dark.
The road to Waroora station was closed due to all the rain so heading to coral bay instead and it looks like there might be some blue sky there :-)!
Quick stop over in Carnarvon and a little beach run for Bazinga. Heading to Warroora for a couple of nights, hoping to see some whales and maybe turtles too.

21 July 2015

No more rain today 😀. Took it easy today and only Drove about 350km. Visited Monkey Mia to see some dolphins. Nice spot and not too touristy. Now on a station (Wooramel river retreat) along the main coast road up North. Nice spot.

20 July 2015

Made it to shark bay despite torrential rain throughout the whole 900km. Apparently it's really beautiful turquoise water but all we can see is grey. We hope tomorrow we will see a bit of sun :-)