North America, Europe · 8 Days · 27 Moments · March 2018

Alex and Amanda's adventure in Ireland

19 March 2018

Hello from Iceland!!!

16 March 2018

Couple more pictures from the parade yesterday!

15 March 2018

Fantastic dinner and exploring of Dublin to end the day! I had a fantastic sirloin which was so worth it. Goodnight!
Great visit and performance at the kilkinney castle! We marched down the street in full uniform which was a blast. We also got to tour the inside!
First stop today was the rock of cashel. Very unique castle with a ton of history. The 360 degree views of the city were fantastic!

14 March 2018

Kissing the stone on the top of the castle! Very unique
Waiting to kiss the blarney stone for over 1.5 hours! Crazy rainy, windy and cold but so worth it because of the fun memories! Will definitely remember it and the fun friends we waited with. Also the spiral staircase in the castle was so awesome!

13 March 2018

Fun drinks to end the night
AWESOME DINNER TONIGHT! went to a medieval castle and had a great meal and awesome entertainment! We did a lot of chanting and cheering for our directors who were the kings of the meal! Lots of fun and very tasty!!!!
Medivial banquet pics! What a fun time!
Stopped at a Castle!
Started the day with an awesome performance in Eyre square in the middle of Galway

12 March 2018

Today’s dinner brought to you by Amanda! I’ve now been awake for 33 hours straight (wow) so sitting through a 4/5 course meal was slightly difficult but very worth it! Unfortuantely I was so hungry that most courses I remembered to take a picture after I had already started eating! But here’s a sample of our first dinner at the hotel, was delicious! Goodnight!
A select number of us were asked to travel about an hour away to mingle with the fancy presidents council trip also from Purdue. They are staying at a castle and estate which is said to be worth 350 million Euro! It was one of the nicest places I'd ever seen and was fun meeting alumni and Purdue fans in general. We also got about a half hour to explore the grounds and amazing golf course. Everyone we met were all so excited for our performance tomorrow as am I! Goodnight for now!
Arrived at the hotel!
Buren region! The ground here was all limestone rock and no soil. It was amazing that the grass could still grow. We saw a rock statue here which used to mark a tomb and we were able to walk around and climb over the rocks for a while too!
The Cliffs of Moher were beautiful! We drove here right after getting off the plane which took about an hour. At first, it was raining and foggy but the weather changed for the better in the first 10 minutes which was wonderful. We even hiked a bit outside the visitor center fence which got us even more amazing views and scary ledges over the Atlantic Ocean! We also ate here but didn't have time for a sit down so Amanda and I ate a sandwich and panini from a little cafe. It was perfect because we were able to eat and maximise our time exploring the cliffs!
Sights from the first drive in Ireland!
Made it to Ireland!!
Breakfast at 3 am!
“Goodbye bird” -alex HEADING TO IRELAND NOW
Stoping in Gander, Newfinland Canada for fuel and more food! Got to walk on the very snowy tarmac!

11 March 2018

Almost ready to fly!
Hopefully this doesn't delay us 😂😂
Ready to head to Ireland with the Purdue marching band!! Cannot wait!