Australia · 73 Days · 61 Moments · August 2018

Alena's Reise nach Australien

4 November 2018

I made some new friends and had a great stay for a few days. It was so much fun.

3 November 2018

A delicious lunch at Surfers paradise.👅

2 November 2018

Surfers paradise🏄🏼‍♀️
Brisbane 31.10.2018-02.11.2018

1 November 2018

I visited the biggest zoo in the world of the legendary croc hunter Steve Irwin. Like a little kid crazy to watch at some cute or dangerous animals. My favorite were the tigers. I was watching them for hours.

31 October 2018

At the beach of Mooloolaba on the Sunshine coast I spent one day and got very brown. Now I have the travel suntan.

30 October 2018

These two days in Noosa where cloudy and lonely. The city seemed to me very highclassy and quiet.

28 October 2018

My highlight of these two days was the maheno ship wreck.🚢
With a big bus we drove to a big sanddune, on the beach where we met a dingo and to a freshwater river where we floated down to the beach. At this lookout we watched at the turtles, sharks and sting rails.

27 October 2018

My two days on Fraser island were amazing. I was swimming in the freshwater lake Mc Kenzie with white sand. It felt very strange and refreshing without saltwater. In the evening we went to the beach and watched the sunset.

24 October 2018

Airlie beach☀️

23 October 2018

When a dream come true...I felt in heaven on the Whiteheaven beach.

22 October 2018

Welcome to Airlie Beach and lets start the sailingtrip to the Whitsundays.⛵️
And then I had to leave...🥀

20 October 2018

Last Partynight with my dancingqueens💫

19 October 2018

last schoolday👩🏼‍🎓
My last trip in Cairns was one of the best. I had the chance to fly as a copilot over the Great barrier reef. It was just amazing!

18 October 2018

Bomerang painting🖍

17 October 2018


15 October 2018

Had my funny last Monday at school with after party. 🎉Salthouse Mondays

14 October 2018

At Sunday I had a relaxed day. The family and I went to a waterfall on the tablelands. We swum in the river and had a bbq for dinner.

13 October 2018

On Saturday I went with some Japanese friends, Klaudia and Gabriel to the Windin falls. During the 1 1/2h walk through the jungle a storm was brewing up and all of us were scared. We decided to turn around and go back to the car. On the way the weather was getting better and for our pleasure we found leeches everywhere on our legs. We freaked out. At the end we drove 4 1/2h and didn‘t saw the waterfall.😬

12 October 2018

Skydiving at Mission beach🧚🏼‍♀️best feeling ever!

11 October 2018


10 October 2018

Fun evening with swiss girlfriends and australian boyfriends.🍹

8 October 2018

On Monday my hostdad, my two friends and I went on the boat. We drove to Green island and I saw a reef shark from the boat. We went snorkeling and had a fantastic sight over the reef with the little colorful fishes. This sandbank is defenetly my favorite place of all places I’ve ever been. The water was cristall clear, warm and the sand was white. In the evening we drove back to Green island and we walked around the island. These days were so wonderful and I appreciated every second of this presious time. living the dream☀️

7 October 2018

This was the last stop of our long weekend and it was such a good moment to sit there and watch at mothernature. We drove home on perfect streets with a beautiful sunset.
At sunday we went to this huge waterfall and drove through the Outback to another one. On the way we met a cow on the street, some wild kangaroos, horses, goats and a big bull next to the river. The streets were very rafty and we had to drive through the bushfire. In the afternoon we arrived at this river and had a fun time with the hostparents.

6 October 2018

After we visited Magnetic island we drove to the Outback. On the way we met a wild snake on the street. We slept in the national park on a camping ground.
On Saturday the girls and I visited Magnetic island. It was such an amazing trip. We found a beautiful beach and saw some colorful fishes during snorkeling.

5 October 2018

At Friday afternoon we arrived in Townsville. It‘s the next bigger city in the south of Cairns. We visited the market, we went to the look out and then we slept on the camping ground next to the sea.
This weekend I did a wonderful trip with my hostfamiliy and two friends. We started on Thursday evening and drove to Mission beach. There we camped over the night and on Saturday we took a sunbath at the beach.

4 October 2018

ready steady go🚗

1 October 2018

30 September 2018

This Monday we had a day off and I drove on Sunday with two friends by car to Cape Tribulation. It is in the northern of Cairns and it’s the only place in the world where the rainforest meets the beach. The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest on the earth. It was kind of magic to stay there for two days. We stoped in Port Douglas and visited the market. The weather was very windy. We had great fun.

29 September 2018

Finally i met the Australien known animals and I could touch them. It was so amazing to watch the crocs during the feeding and when a man provocated a attack.🐊 I fall in love with this coala on my arms. He was so fluffy. I really wanted to take him home.🐨🐍🐢🦎🕷🦉

28 September 2018


26 September 2018

Some party pics🥂

25 September 2018


23 September 2018

On Sunday we visited Frankland Island. The weather was not so nice and it was very cold after snorkeling. The Island is very small and there is nothing accept natur. It was amazing.

22 September 2018

Had some fun at the Woolsheed on friday night. Free pizza and free beers are the normal Monday and Friday nights. We celebrated the last evening from a friend.🙈
I visited Fitzroy island on Saturday. Beside this beautiful weather we saw a turtle and chilled in a hammock under the tree.🌴

20 September 2018

very fun bbq on friday night with friends from switzerland, colombia and brasil.🍻
school is so interesting👀

16 September 2018

Another Day at the waterfalls☀️It was so realexing to listen to the sound of the water. I went there with four friends from school. Totally we went to six waterfalls by car. One way I had to drive the car. In the beginning it was so crazy to drive on the other side of the street but than it was no problem.

15 September 2018

Hey guys😊 I disappeared for a few days but know I’m back. This weekend was so amazing. On Saturday I was on the reaf with a friend. It was incredible! We saw a lot of fishes and a beatiful reaf. The weather was perfect for the snorkeling trip. Unfortunately we saw no turtels and sharks. Maybe next week at the Fitzroy Island.

13 September 2018

morning in the morning🌞got it for my trips😍

11 September 2018

☀️ in Cairns

8 September 2018

heyhey😊 I didnt did so much these days beside school and party.🙈But today I was on the boot with my hostefamiliy. It was so nice weather and very hot. ps: Mir gohts super do bin jede Tag, jedi Minute am gnüsse. Hend e cooli schwitzer Gruppe. Mit dene unternimmi viel noch de Schuel. Die nögst Wuche hani paar grösseri Usflüg planet. Freu mi scho😍

2 September 2018

We had a beautiful cartrip to four destinations today. First we drived to the josephinefalls and then to the high milla milla fall. It was so amazing there in the middle of the rainforest. The water was to cold to take a bath. After we went to the lake barrine and had a coffee. At least we visited the 500 year old cathedral figtree. His size and build was breathtaking.

1 September 2018

Today I was at this beautiful lake in the western of Cairns and tomorrow we gonna check some waterfalls. This flowers I got from my houstfather‘s garden.

31 August 2018

Today I haven’t visited school and slept till 12 am. It was that nice! In the afternoon we went to a beautiful place its called Palm Cove. It’s in the nothern part of Cairns. We had a delicious dinner with a pink raspberry cocktail.🌴
had a great party eve yesterday😍💃🏼with some hotties👀

29 August 2018

this is our classbird🐤he is so funny🙈

28 August 2018

a schoolday in cairns🎒

27 August 2018

This is my room in the hostefamilys house. I really like it! My first day of school starts with a classification test. I‘m in a class with eight students. They come from Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Ecuador, Japan and Germany. We have school from 9am to 2.30pm. That‘s great! Today I was at the beach after school. The weather was very nice with about 28 degrees.

26 August 2018

Today I met my host familiy and drove with them to port douglas. It was a beautiful trip and they are very friendly. Tommorow I have the first day school and I‘m very excited.

25 August 2018

chilly day at the beach and a bbq party in the evening with new friends - was nice😊

24 August 2018

Nach einer langen Reise nach Australien bin ich super in Cairns angekommen. Hier habe ich in ein Party-Hostel eingecheckt. Da bleibe ich 2 Nächte und danach geht es in meine Gastfamilie. Im Städchen war ich Abendessen und besichtete die Lagune. Es gefällt mir sehr hier und freue mich auf Morgen.