North America, Europe · 4 Days · 22 Moments · August 2017

Mom's Birthday trip to Europe

19 August 2017

We decide to stay in for the first night and enjoy a bit of downtime. The local Waitrose provides supplies for a nice home-cooked meal...and we finally break open the champagne and chocolates from our flight across the pond.
We arrive at our flat for the week via black cab and find the place most charming. Our landlady - Georgia - is welcoming and awfully kind.
We depart from Gare du Nord right on time. 2 hours later we arrive rested into St. Pancras - ready for our next adventure in London.
Morning dawns and it is quick jaunt across the Seine for souvenir shopping. We leave Paris a bit jet lagged still, yet knowing we have a pleasant Chunnel ride ahead of us.

18 August 2017

A visit to Paris would be incomplete without a trip to La tour Eiffel.
Lunch beckons... and so it must be.
A random walk through Le Marais.
Day 2 in Paris starts off with a light continental breakfast across from our hotel, as we enjoy our people - and dog - watching.

17 August 2017

We stopped for a leisurely lunch. Mom had escargot and I a lovely Niçoise salad...topped with a cappuccino that only the French seem to be able to make.
The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel beckons while the Eiffel Tower makes a brief appearance.
Love locks at the Square du Vert-Galant on Pont Neuf
Can't visit Paris without seeing Notre Dame... and heck, it's only a couple blocks from the hotel.
After an exhausting day of travel, we sleep in and get a late start on our first day in Paris. A quick breakfast in the hotel (croissants, coffee and tea); we head out on a rainy August day with umbrellas in hand and make our way across the Siene and into Île de la Cité.

16 August 2017

After 24 hours, we arrive at our hotel in Paris - a boutique hotel in the Marais and a short walking distance to many of Paris' iconic monuments
Nothing much to see on the way to Paris from Zurich...cloudy outside. But there is always room to eat - and this tuna wasn't half bad
The Arc de Triomphe beckons while the Eiffel Tower makes a brief appearance.
Just before midnight the purser brought Mom a nice bottle of champagne and truffles with a note from a special admirer! It was late and we were tired, so we decided to hold on to it and will celebrate in Paris.
Meal service arrives! The salmon rillette was quite nice - Mom really enjoyed her's. But the beef tenderloin was disappointing. Dry and overcooked. The potato was covered in some sort of hardened cheese and the vegetables soggy. Not what I expected of Swiss chefs. Oh and had my first taste of alcohol after 6 months dry. Made a pact with myself earlier in the year to stop drinking for a while. This trip was to be a celebration of Mom's birthday, but also an incentive for temporary sobriety.
2 hour layover in Zurich before our connecting flight to Paris. The Swiss Air Senator lounge was a welcoming respite after almost 11 hours of flying.
After a somewhat restless, but full, night of sleep I awake to see us approaching the continent. Heading over the coast of Brittany, down over Paris and into Switzerland.
On board. The new business class layout on Swiss is very elegant. Can't wait though to get a good night sleep before landing in 10 hours.
Arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare (so unlike me). After a surprisingly quick pass through security (much faster than the Swiss checkin process) we made our way to the #CenturionClub for a relaxing few hour wait to board the plane to Zurich.