United States of America · 46 Days · 9 Moments · October 2017

Trixie's Travels through United States

28 November 2017

We spent four days in Andrews Texas at there free RV park

20 November 2017

1 November 2017

Was at Hobbs New Mexico today. Did a little research and shopping.

25 October 2017

Leveland, Texas free RV park

24 October 2017

Littlefield, Texas the home of Waylan Jennings

16 October 2017

We are in Memphis, Tx. For two days in the free RV sites in the city park
Paul's Valley Oklahoma Toy and Action Figure Museum

15 October 2017

Rest stop in Oklahoma.

14 October 2017

Added my generator and tool box to the rear of the trailer. Thanks to Jim Mcdonald my brother for your hard work