Alaska · 9 Days · 4 Moments · August 2016

Alaska Aug 2016

21 August 2016

Leaving Valdez, 745 hr on the way to Seward, I was starring out the window like every other day, my eyes suddenly spotted a large brown chunk of moving object, within split of a second, our tour guide Vicki yelled out "bear bear!!" It was a single grizzly just walking on a human walk path towards the river, as Vicki yelling out "bear bear", she slammed on the vans break and the noise of the van breaking must have scared the bear a bit, she showed that "what the hell" on her face and 愣了一下,慌张地到处瞧looking for where the noise came from, at the same time I was also yelling out "bear bear on the left" pointing at her! Oh dear, such a close up in the nature! Love it, I turned my head looking at this Beatiful beast until our van was too much ahead and couldn't see her anymore! What a nice close up experience!

15 August 2016

This morning, we took a bus tour into the Denali National Park to search X for wild life. We encountered a big playful bear very early on. With my brand new binoculars, it was amazing to see her playing in the bush patch. She was jumping around round as if she's trying to catch something, possibly a squirrel. Her fat floppy muscle flies around as she move yet she seems to have no difficulty moving fast and jumping around. We then also saw a mother with two cubs and another mother with three Cubs passed just behind our bus before I could get a video of the Cubs running and following mum. They move so quickly and sharp that it almost look like kittens following Wong Wong. We also saw a female moose, several rain deer.

14 August 2016

1st day of tour, we had a few extra new people cus their tour guide was not arranged for some reason. We arrived Carol Lodge and got tent set up. Had a nice chicken wrap for dinner. Jen and I was assigned the role of van cleaning. Talked to Toto for a while.

13 August 2016

After nearly 48 hours in transit, Jen and I finally arrived the north or the north from the south of the south in the globe! Exhausted, tired but excited. Arrival dinner met the new friends to be, Kiwi, English, Aussies and Swiss. Can't wait till the morning, hope to get a good sleep then up for a early morning walk tomorrow!