Indonesia · 117 Days · 5 Moments · January 2018

Alan's books journi

29 April 2018

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek My 5th books in 2018. I was so surprised with some likeness about Erika Kohut with me. Both of us are spinster that made by our family. Both of us are family leaders, our relationship that so tight with our mother. some because of self will or some because of destiny? Her mother and Erika are introverts in many ways. The different between us are: I'm not a masochist, i have friends eventhough just few.

22 April 2018

Allah Is Not Obliged is my 4th book of this year. Africa is beautiful in many sides of life. Customs, tribes but sadly all those tribal wars. Child soldiers, girl soldiers that supports corrupt, greedy, and dictator leaders. Nothing could compare to their suffering for the results of tribal wars, everyone was tired, exhausted and suffer because of those diamond mines etc

16 March 2018

Life Of Pi is my 3rd book of this year. Book about God that manifest into many different shapes of adventures, challenges, creativity, will of survive, dangerousness, hope and life itself You may not believe it, but trust me this book tells you about different point of view about many things 😘

2 February 2018

My 2nd book of this year, Gogol. Hope as good as the first one

3 January 2018

Ten Thousand Things by Maria Dermout is my first book in 2018. Even though she wasn't Indonesian, but her capability to expound Indonesia landscapes worth to read. I hope this will be good.