United Kingdom · 168 Days · 6 Moments · September 2016

Alan's adventure in Pitlochry, Scotland

17 February 2017

Friday, February, 17th 2017. Day. 5. Homeward Bound Cases outside room ≡ 07:00am Breakfast ≡ 07:30am Depart Hotel for Home ≡ 08:20am Going back the Jedburgh Route ≡ (184 miles). Arriving in Jedburgh » 10:50am > Departing Jedburgh » 12:00pm Arriving back in Washington Services at 01:30pm (Had to wait for the rest of the coaches returning) Waited 1½ hours at Washington Services. Feeder Coach out of Washington Services at 03:00pm. Back at the Mill Inn, Stockton Road, Seaham at 03:25pm Home ≡ 03:35pm

16 February 2017

Thursday, February, 16th 2017. Day 4. Glenterret/Perth Dept Hotel at 09:15am On the way to Crieff we visited Aberfeldy for a photo stop, to take a photo of the Black Watch Monument + General Wades Bridge. Then on to Crieff and the Famous Grouse Distillery. Then onto Perth in the afternoon. Arriving back at the Hotel » 04:15pm .

15 February 2017

Wednesday, February, 15th 2017. Day. 3. Braemar Breakfast at 07:45am Dept Hotel at 09:30am for Braemar vi Glenshee Arriving in Breamar at 11:45pm. Took us along to Lyne of Dee to take photos, back to Braemar for Lunch. Dept Braemar for Pitlochry at 02:00pm Arriving back at the Hotel at 03:30pm.

14 February 2017

Tuesday, February, 14th 2017. Day. 2 Blair Castle Dept Hotel for Blair Castle at 09:15am Arriving at Castle about 09:40pm [The Castle is just opened for Coaches in the Winter months] The Staff welcomed us at the Castle with a drink and a few words about the Castle, then we all roamed around the freely. Enjoyed it very much. Back to the Coach at 11:40am.

13 February 2017

Monday, February, 13 2017 Day. 1. Seaham, Co. Durham to Pitlochry, Scotland We picked up the Feeder Coach at the Mil Inn, Seaham at 10:50am to take use to Washington Services, Co. Durham. Here we joined our holiday coach to Pitlochry. Stopped at Gretna Green for lunch had a hours stop 2:30pm - 3:30pm. After lunch we carried on to Pitlochry. Arriving in Pitlochry Hydro Hotel at 6:30pm.

3 September 2016

Drummond's Pitlochry, Scotland Food Fantastic