India · 5 Days · 32 Moments · April 2017

Akshay's adventure in Kinnaur, HP

17 April 2017

Bang on. Another solo trip comes to an end. It has been quite a journey. So much to learn, so many memories to cherish for the rest of my life and few new friends. When you’ve got to figure everything out yourself, you may feel anxious. Maybe you’re nervous about talking to strangers, maybe you’ll feel awkward by yourself in a restaurant. From little fears to big ones, once you decide to face them, you’ll find out you’re more capable than you thought! Things quickly become less frightening once you step up to face them.  Now on my way to Delhi. Hope to plan the next trip soon. Until then :)
Just reached Rampur. This place is so damn hot. Looking for a room for couple of hours as my bus is @5 and there's nothing worth seeing here.
Rampur Palace
Kachham Dam
Heading towards Karcham. Will take a bus for Rampur from there and then back to Delhi :/
These selfless and amazing people make Himachal more beautiful.

16 April 2017

& there are people who has travel as their profession.
2° temperature... Mountains...Music...Hot Maggie. What else you need :)
When you're​ out of cash and some poor guy from Nepal takes out 200 bucks from his wallet to give you.... Intense, very intense. Glad I don't have to take it from him _/\_
Love this village. Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh.
The very last Village of India. Scenic beauty. #Chitkul
He is Tal from Israel. Wandering in Himalayas since last two months. Enjoying Beauty and Charas :) Good to meet new people and to know their story and struggle. #TravelDiary
Lesson learnt. Carry enough cash while traveling. Demonetisation Relived.
Heading towards Chitkul. It is around 69 km (5Hrs) from Reckong Peo. Last Village of India , next to India-China Border. Famous for potatoes, Old temples and monestries.
Suicide Point. Here you don't have to suicide actually. Just wait for the blessings from the holy mountains in the form of stone showering ;)
Good Morning from Roghi Village. 6Km from Kalpa. Having population of less than 300 people.

15 April 2017

Finally reached safely (with broken leg and hand :p ) from the day long hectic trek.
Stuck ...No idea where to go....No water no food and no directions....Jiya toh jiya kaise 😂
When you make new friends, you're no more traveling solo. Bloggers from
Nailed it. #Chakhatrek
On the way to Chakka.... Freaking no idea where this route leads to....
Good morning!

14 April 2017

Bishu Mela :)
Even the residents have no idea how old this temple is.
View outside my room 😍
Finally reached @kalpa after 21 hrs of traveling :)
On the way to Reckong Peo
After 14 hrs in bus....Still long way to go ;)

13 April 2017

My friend pugal has just backed out from the plan, surrendering to the coorporate work pressure. So this marks the start of another solo trip. #myEpicAdventure :)

12 April 2017

Starting the journey tomorrow. Stay tuned for the updates :)