India · 1 Days · 2 Moments · August 2017

akilesh's adventure in New York, NY, United S

7 August 2017

Finished my exams and was waiting for my summer vacation .In due course my vacation has arrived .initial days were interesting because I used to cover my sleep and TV shows which I missed out for the exams.later felt boring and decided to travel to a place where I could move on Streets and roads filled with people even during late nights and have a brisk start to my morning and carry the same tempo till the I left for the beautiful new York city.spend 15 days there and done a small photo shoot of that city was the city which made me feel enthusiastic by seeing the busy streets and crowd in huge number.I have visited many places in New York like time's square, empire state building, Brooklyn bridge and many more which drove my crazy for that city to came back again with my is the city which never makes you feel that you are alone and people are so friendly that you start feeling like family .the small events on the roads make you go oh my god!