India · 4 Days · 52 Moments · March 2019

Akhil's voyage in Rameswaram, India

5 March 2019

I enjoyed the journi! Goodbye!!
Reached home:)
Reaching home soon! #homesweethome

4 March 2019

Left the hotel:)
Leaving the hotel at 6:30pm and upto the bus stand:( :(
Sea swimming! Salty but awesome!
APJ memorial.
Ariyamman Beach!! Lots of fun:)
Sand bath with Dad and Anish!!
Moving out to Ariyamman beach and APJ's memorial!
Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram. Nice Dharshan:)

3 March 2019

Tomorrow , we're up to - #RamaPadam #AriyamanBeach #APJAbdulKalamMemorial And then to BANGALORE!!
Reaching the hotel in Rameswaram island!!
Viloondi Theertham . Story: Rama and Sita were walking by the shores while Sita became very thirsty and had no water to drink. The sea water was too salty and there was no fresh water nearby. So, Rama took his bow and arrow, dipped it into the sea at a particular point and made the water go fresh for Sita to drink it. So nowadays, this is a popular tourist spot!!
Reached the station Mandapam in mainland India!
Trip through the train on top of the Laccadive sea( next to Indian Ocean )!!!
In the Railway station. Waiting for the train:) It arrives at 2:05pm
Up onto the train next!!!!!
Family photos and Bridge photos.
Fishermen trying to make a better dinner!!
A man checking the railway bridge.
Right side of the Pamban road bridge. Fantastic!!
Left side of the Pamban road bridge. Satisfying!!
Chilling out with some Math this morning!
Chilling out in the hotel lobby with some Math. #day2
Excited to see Pamban bridge this morning!!
Good morning!

2 March 2019

Going back to the hotel. Tomorrow up to Ramanathaswamy Temple and Pamban railway bridge.
House of Kalam! Great inspiration Hats off!!!!!
Broken houses . They were washed away from the Tsunami in 1964. The railway station and the church were also washed away at the night time. Before 1964, Rameswaram was just a temple and Dhanushkodi was a big city which was just 18 km from Sri Lanka. Dhanushkodi got washed away and it became a beach/ shore and now, Rameswaram is a town. Dhanushkodi is now 29km away from Sri Lanka and Ram Setu is the broken bridge which connects it:)
Dhanushkodi Beach!! Very good experience
On the way to Dhanushkodi Beach and Ram Setu! Can't wait to see the bridge which connects the Rameswaram island to mainland Sri Lanka!!
Enjoying! Up to the pool soon//
Going to Dhanushkodi beach today afternoon! Excited to walk on the shores! #lastlandofindia #landendswaterbegins
Hyattworld. Having late breakfast:)
A.P.J Abdul Kalam's memorial. Couldn't capture properly:( Jai Hind to the man!
Pamban!!!! Great feeling Lifetime experience!!!
Brother's joy of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India. Anish, you are the best!
Reaching there! #pambanbridge #longjourneylongmiles
On the way! Getting there soon. Beautiful environment!!!!
Brother just woke up this morning. #justwanttogetthere #hyattplacerameshwaram
Just stopped at a town near Madurai! Excited but delayed:( Can't wait to get into the hotel!!!

1 March 2019

Bus delayed by 2 hours. Still waiting:(
Time to start #journeybegins #vacationalsobegins Yahoooo! Let's gooooooo:)
Brother excited!!
Leaving with my family to Rameswaram in K.P.N travels bus. It's gotta be a great journey;)