North America, Europe · 9 Days · 43 Moments · January 2018

Zoltan's Birthday Ski Trip

3 February 2018

The long flight home!
Breakfast in the airport lounge!

2 February 2018

German beer, schnitzel & beer! 🍻
Fresh snow & last morning at the cabin!
Someone was a little crazy this morning!

1 February 2018

Hand made pizza with a crazy amount of toppings for only $12 - and it was awesome!!! πŸ•
Last day & snowing!!!
One selfie today
Slightly impossible in ski boots!!!
Snowing even more BUT it means power not ice! 🎿

31 January 2018

Guess no one else wants to sit outside & enjoy the snow = bar all to myself!!!
What a difference a day makes!!!

30 January 2018

Yes the Zoidberg mask had to come out, although I did the girls was scared so Zoltan had to take it off πŸ˜‚
Beer stop opposite some alpacas!
Skiing day 2!!!

29 January 2018

Tonight we are drinking beer!!! 🍺🍻
I miss European supermarkets!
Gyorgy waiting for us in the car park
Zoltan & the girls coming back from a blue slope (& some views)!
Discovered more bars!
It's all mine!!!! Get to practice on an empty slope!!! 🎿
Skiing & food!
The lift!!! 😳😱
Morning selfie in the car with the girls!
The cabin & the view!

28 January 2018

German beer in Italy!
Alps, Alps, Alps & industrial Venice!
Yay, got 2 windows to make up for the lack of 1 on the last flight!
Cigar lounge in Old San Juan
Rough water today around the fort!
This tree has grown its own way to keep anything from sitting on its branches!
After being in PR many times, we finally went into the Cathedral!

27 January 2018

No window seat but yummy food!
A big plane! ;)
Yup, it happened!!!
So this happened...!
Love the tablet in the room giving me a little welcome - can also use it for ordering room service!
Roof top bath tubs!!! πŸ›€ β˜€οΈ
Old San Juan plaza, frog car & man on a roof hugging a satellite dish!?
1 night before heading to Europe!
Walking around Trellis Bay for the first time since Irma, it's so sad to see so many boats washed ashore πŸ˜”

25 January 2018

6 course tasting menu with wine, OMG so good!!! What a way to start the vacation ☺️