Puerto Rico · 3 Days · 20 Moments · May 2017

A short trip to Puerto Rico

9 May 2017

So this happened!
LOADS of beer on tap
Little stream inside a mall
Ha ha ha
Amazing views, even in the rain
Love that there is a girl in the background climbing the waterfall
The rental jeep! Zoltan was very happy with it.
Some trails were "interesting" for Zoltan! 😂
So beautiful
Rainy rain forest day
Forgot about all the stray cats in San Juan, one even joined us for breakfast!

8 May 2017

Mmmm, free wine!
My old friend (Cabernet) Franc, how how I missed you!🍷
Cigar lounge
Breakfast! Love the sausages

7 May 2017

Nice surprise in the room!