North America, Europe · 49 Days · 163 Moments · August 2018

AJ & Zoltan - Vacation 2018!!!

26 September 2018

Viszlat budapest!
Love this company, they have the best wine bottle labels! 😂
Bye bye Budapest

25 September 2018

Dance party 🎉
Cakes & the dogs were trying to sneak food

23 September 2018

Sunday night football round Chupi’s house & the only pic I get is of the food 😂
Sunday night football round Chupi’s house & the only pic I get is of the food 😂

22 September 2018

Messenger fun with the girls 😍

21 September 2018

Zoltan is sailing so it’s Pizza with The Last Jedi and Wine with Grey’s Anatomy - awesome evening!!!

20 September 2018

Bogracs, guitars & Zoltan the climbing frame 😂
Lili is SOOOO adorable!

19 September 2018

Friends 4 month old kitten!! 🐱❤️
Goose crackling & German beer at Paulaner
Giant Unicom 🥃

18 September 2018

Late night pizza & wine!
Never seen an Albino Plecky before!

17 September 2018

Zoltan finally got his fish soup!

15 September 2018

Szekszárd wine festival part 2
Szekszárd wine festival part 1

14 September 2018

Tourists for the evening

12 September 2018

University festival - various stages with dance, metal, trance. Zoltan was happy with his pretzel sausage food, found the jäger stand, toilets have names & we had backstage passes so could even watch from behind the stages!
German beer in Hungary

11 September 2018

Drinks round a friends house and turns out I was kicking the bucket all night! 😂
Walking around Buda, even this far away the parliament looks beautiful!

8 September 2018

Beautiful evening at Toti & Edina’s wedding 😍
Woke up to this view - went to help with grape harvest

7 September 2018

Lunch at one of my favourite restaurants-

6 September 2018

Wine festival
We were too lazy to walk up to the castle, so we went in style! 😂
That little guy was really horny
Private tour of Parliament - Zoltan really does know the right people!

5 September 2018

Sir Lancelot feast!

4 September 2018

Becca & Jhonny arrive in Budapest

3 September 2018

Such a peaceful day at Zoltan’s mum’s house & the dogs 🐶

1 September 2018

Dayout In Budapest with the family
Had to be done, cat cafe Budapest

31 August 2018

Travelling to Budapest
Fixing the bilge pump

30 August 2018

Ironic - dealing with a cruise ship called Crystal Esprit for weekly bookings in the BVI next year & turns out the ship is in Opathija, next to where we drop off the boat!!!

29 August 2018

Sunset, fun & games

28 August 2018


27 August 2018

Great place for the night

26 August 2018

Card game Zoltan introduced us to, literal translation is “stealing Rummy”
What a thunderstorm it was!!!

25 August 2018

Yay again!

24 August 2018

Boating again!!!

23 August 2018

The night train 😊
Drei Lowren Hotel, a quick drink before the night train
The final one of the big 6!

22 August 2018

The Chinese English garden?!
Great desert & a few pics for Rob 😜
It begins again 🍻
Yes it just had to be done!

21 August 2018

Love the decor
More food & drinks
Great hotel breakfast!

20 August 2018

First night in Munich!
Where’s Zoli...?
Mmmm, love airport lounges! Free food & drinks!
From Tara: Murphy’s Law! Flight cancelled so bus to Santiago, fly to Munich via Frankfurt (instead of via Portugal) 🤦‍♀️
How the evening after the day before ended! Eeek 🍷🤦‍♀️

19 August 2018

Day after the night before!

18 August 2018

A few of Tara’s pics
Welcoming Mr & Mrs. Van Der Werff into the room brought them to tears! 😍
Wedding of the year part 1
Coffee before the wedding of the year!!!
The end of day 1 (of course) ;)

17 August 2018

More of Day 1
Some of day 1

16 August 2018

Amazing first night with most of team VG!
Concert in the main square
Private coach & arrival into cloudy A Coruña
Fire blocked the road meaning we were stuck at the top waiting for the helicopters to put out the fire with the water buckets they got from the sea!
17.87km, easy day in comparison!
We did it!!! 🎉
Got the certificates, now to walk to the lighthouse for the final few km!
Lunch! Toast with ham, cheese, pineapple & cranberry sauce!!! 😋
Getting there...
Oh lord, that’s the end point (lighthouse), WAY in the distance :(
Walking, hills & sunrises!
Trying to workout which pair of shoes are theirs!!!

15 August 2018

Evening drinks, dancing, bands & selfies!
Assumption Day carnival & concert... (that is still going on at 5:30am)!
Didn’t realise it was a holiday in Spain today... parade went right outside the accommodation!
Hanging out for the day in Cee waiting for the walkers to arrive
Free churros with coffee!
Auberge Pepa & the church opposite
Sunrise - and a cat hunting!

14 August 2018

Post walk drinks
And Day 2 done!!! 23.6km!
Nearly there....
Again, yes pls!
2.5km to go, just HAD to take the trainers off & the flip flops went on!
Yes pls!
My hero & the hotel is in sight, just a few KM away!!!
More walking!
No comment needed!
Early morning
Here we go again!
Day 2 begins!

13 August 2018

€3.50 for w 45cm sandwich or €9 for a 3 course meal!!!
Later on in the night!
Beginning of the night!
Here we go, Day 1 was 22.74km!
Yay, city limits! We made it! Day 1 done!
Nearly there, just a stop for a beer!
More walking
?! Not sure what these are yet?!
A stop at 5km
The first marker!
Here we go!!!
Ready to walk!!!

12 August 2018

Ready for the morning. 7am meeting at the cathedral 😩😴
Virtually no pics today so here are a few we took on the way back to / outside the hotel.
Contemplating it! 😂
Reunion!!! Made it to Santiago de Compostela & met with Becca & Jhonny; tomorrow we start the mini Camino! 😬

11 August 2018

Business all to ourselves! Just a little change from full on the last flight! Can’t wait to get there and get to bed 😴
The biggest Primark I have EVER seen! Went in for underwater (yes I forgot to pack any), took us ages to find our way out!
Zoltan just discovered that Callos is Tripe! So he has Callos Madrid Style & Blood Sausage 😋/🤢
Love this place! Zoltan had never been to Spain, now he’s done it twice in less than a year!

10 August 2018

Business class!!!!!!
Another tourist moment 😂
This was one of those “let’s be tourists... stand there and look happy”! 😂
Passion fruit sangria!
Got our French food fix!

9 August 2018

Amazing colours at sunset!
The free wine, cheese & bubbles hour - poolside! 🥂🧀🍷
After a day of walking, shopping & eating, its time to relax!
Huge!!!!! More people on there than live on Virgin Gorda! Allure of the Seas!
It begins! Daily selfie #1
Upgraded 🎉
Scrub Island 😍
It begins!!!