North America, Europe · 52 Days · 135 Moments · August 2016

AJ & Zoltan - Vacation 2016!!!

10 October 2016

The Big Yellow House of Fun!!!
The fort in Old San Juan, pretty awesome!

9 October 2016

Rooftop pool, hot tub & wine!!!
Lunch @ an argentine steakhouse
Bacardi tour!!!!!!!
Love Old San Juan, just beautiful!
Can't wait to go back to this place on the next PR visit!

8 October 2016

Amazing hotel, service, treats plus we arrived as complementary evening drinks & nibbles was being served... red, white & rose wine plus champagne with cheese & fruit! Love this place! El Convento Hotel, San Juan ❀️

7 October 2016

Beautiful Frankfurt ❀️
Last day in Europe so dinner & drinks at Paulaner 🍻
Legroom on British Airways is now a joke!

6 October 2016

Millie & Bimble (& Vernon), the new Surrey Dice Centre dogs (not Vernon) 😜

5 October 2016

Zoltan playing cars with Raphael πŸš—

3 October 2016

Stroke me!!!!

2 October 2016

Canadian thanksgiving dinner (a little early) πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

1 October 2016

Night out in Camden!

28 September 2016

Being tourists for a day!

27 September 2016

Noah taking a selfie!

26 September 2016

Looks like a man with antlers carrying a briefcase 😝
Arrival in London!

25 September 2016

Told we were going to a family lunch, didn't realise it was a multi-birthday celebration! Wish I'd know so I could've brought gifts & flowers!

24 September 2016

Ran into an old friend at a gig is Budapest, what a late night that was!!

23 September 2016

Catching up with friends before heading to the UK

22 September 2016

After seeing Maya eat a pork knuckle, I knew he kids would love this... Sir Lancealots Feast. So much food, and you have to eat with your hands, it's awesome!!!!
Once a year, people in Hungary throw out anything they can't usually put in the rubbish (there is no taking stuff to the dump here). The collection date is tomorrow; this is outside Zoli's flat, look how it grew in 1 day!

21 September 2016

Drive-by at Hero's Square

20 September 2016

Cleaning the ceiling (explanation: there were marks from the Christmas tree last year but no one could reach / be bothered to get the ladder, so Szonja wanted to clean now she could 'reach') 😝
The kids rabbit got lose and found the rabbit food! πŸ°πŸ˜‚

19 September 2016

Cranberry beer! 🍺
Carlos the dog! (Zoltan kept calling him Castro)!!! πŸ˜‚
Lunch at IKEA!!! Yay meet balls! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

18 September 2016

Toby & Alex waiting for Zoltan to come back 😍

17 September 2016

Drive-by parliament photo

16 September 2016

The wall in the bar last night that explains the different levels /ratios of Froccs (spritzer)
Giant pizza for lunch! πŸ•

15 September 2016

Crate man & jelly fish lights in an underwater theme bar!
Mermaid beer!
2am at a uni freshman festival - how did this happy? Yawn, I'm too old for this 😝

14 September 2016

Maya eating the rest of the pork knuckle!
Ordered pork knuckle, didn't realise it would be this big!
Morning after the night before - Eeek!

13 September 2016

Fridge is stocked, Zoltan repairing the curtain rail & I got cuddles with Gracie 😝
We made it to Hungary!!!
Yay, Hungary!!!!

12 September 2016

Beware: wild boar!
Flat seas again, it's hot so surprise surprise we are drinking bubbles again πŸ˜œπŸΎβ›΅οΈ
Morning Yoga on the boat next door!

11 September 2016

Boats, sunset & dessert!
Moored up & drinking = happy Zoltan
So many boats this morning!

10 September 2016

Look what I found... Oh how I missed you!!!
Exploring Milna πŸ˜„
Hello Milna!

9 September 2016

Dinner!!! πŸ˜‹
Having a nap 😜
Zoli found some sunglasses while snorkelling - don't think they suit me 😝
The Queen Elizabeth πŸ›³ just outside of Korcula; lots of tenders queueing to take the guests to explore the city
Korcula ❀️

8 September 2016

Korcula ❀️
He decided to walk the plank & join us onboard!

7 September 2016

Proper Budweiser

6 September 2016

Dubrovnik - so many people, bring on the small sleepy towns again!

5 September 2016

Getting a few essentials from the shop, Zoltan's trolley & my basket, he had the booze, I got the food - you see where our priorities were 😜 And waterproof jacket & trousers, so sexy!
It's now chucking it down so much & so windy, we have been forced to move inside to stay dry - let's hope we shut all the windows on the boat 😬
Sat in the Marina, watching the thunderstorm β›ˆ while drinking beer 🍺
Coming into Dubrovnik

4 September 2016

Now this is funny: the man in the background comes to this restaurant a few times a year on his boat... 1: he's Hungarian, 2: the restaurants menu cover has a photo of him on it! Ha ha ha, what are the odds he's there the day we are! πŸ˜‚
Zoltan trying to get the perfect GoPro shot of an octopus!
Many things happening in this pic: bottle of Pussers Rum & a bottle of Virgin Gorda Rum on the shelf, plus look at the sign above my left shoulder 😝
25C brrrrr! πŸ˜±β„οΈ
It's so flat! And the poor flamingo's head keeps deflating, poor chicken ;)
Good morning again!

3 September 2016

Lovely little place for dinner - learnt a new trick: burn coffee grounds = gets rid of wasps & mosquitos!!!
Man asleep on an inflatable shark!
The cute little bay we went snorkelling in
And again! 😜🍾
The bay we overnighted at, just beautiful

2 September 2016

Lamb Peka (slow cooked for 2hrs)!!!
Lazy sailor!
A new captain just arrived!
Good morning restaurant - shame you are not open for breakfast

1 September 2016

Food was awesome!
OMG Look at the sunset!!!!!
Oops, so this happened again 😜🍾

31 August 2016

Our place for the night, a cute little town called Brna
This cutie came to see what we were eating - and yes he got my lamb bones once I finished eating 😜
Lunch while sailing :)
Now this is what I call a vacation!!! 🍾
Finally, champagne sailing!
Breakfast - bacon, frankfurter & spring onion scrambled eggs, not a bad if I do say so myself!

30 August 2016

What a rock n roll lifestyle we lead... Playing Hungarian scrabble but making English words!
More drinking... Maybe we have a problem 😜
This would never be allowed in the BVI - look at the kids at the front!
They wanted to do it all week, they had so much fun!

29 August 2016

Ice cream aftermath! 😝
My new favourite sign!
Flat again, what a shame 😜
Flamingo fun! The girls are loving it!

28 August 2016

Love the beer mug!
Dinner! OMG so fresh!!!
Came back to the boat and found these waiting for us!!! Love this place!!!
Zoltan dragging round the flamingo and the girls are snorkelling in it! :)
We got to choose our dinner tonight - the restaurant owner came to our boat and we chose red snapper & scorpion fish!!!
Girls swimming towards the golden horn (apparently a sandy spit but turns out its another pebble beach)
Another lovely morning :)

27 August 2016

The "beach" and the town of Starigrad; apparently one of the oldest towns in Croatia. Great little alleyways & lovely old buildings.
Flat again this morning!

26 August 2016

Dinner! A Peka of mixed meat, cooked for 2 hours with vegetables, yummy!
Fun time in the water - amazing, this was the kids first time in the water without life vests and they swam like pros - all they needed was the mask & snorkel!
No wind so champagne motoring this morning, but it is beautiful!

25 August 2016

Sunsets are beautiful here, I think better than the BVI! Walk around the old town of Primosten, was beautiful (shame about all the tourists, yuk)! 😜
I don't know who was having more fun, the girls or the boys! 😜

24 August 2016

Swans in the marina, culture, old buildings, boats & awesome pizza! A few things we did today :)
Off we go, champagne for breakfast!

23 August 2016

Cute little town for the first night, Drvenik Veliki
We have such an easy time now we have found 2 new captains!
Good morning Croatia! It's 8am and it's hot hot hot!!!

22 August 2016

Girls playing with their milka cow pencil cases we got from Cologne airport :)
Found the biggest kid in the playground 😜
We made it to the boat! (& it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be) :)
1A; the only way to fly!!! 😜
Love this pic, wonder if you can see why 😝 (& it's not because of the beer for breakfast)!

21 August 2016

Beer from a real beer barrel, brewed on site!!!
Beautiful architecture on the infamous Dom Cathedral, just beautiful!
Roman / medieval road! And we complain about the state of our roads, pfff!

20 August 2016

Gates next to each other & departure times 5 minutes apart, spooky how this day turned out!!!
FINALLY, we are in San Juan airport! Drinks, subway sandwiches & gates next to each other with the same boarding time - you can't make this up, seriously!!!
Private plane baby!!!!!
Ok, so flight delay, then flight cancelled = AJ & Zoltan miss the ONE flight a week, but Fly BVI had an empty plane with only 4 seats = private plan for just us 4! That's how we roll!!!!!
Delayed but look who were also delayed & now on our flight!!! :)