Asia, South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania · 99 Days · 4 Moments · March 2016

On Board M/V Glykofiloussa- 02/2016 to 06/16,

23 June 2016

I chanced to board my husbands ship on this Giant ship on a 4 months tour. From Singapore to Australia - Bahrain- Argentina - and Singapore again. Met the famous big waves, being juxtaposed when sails are rough. (Fun part is I didnt felt any fear, I am actually enjoying the waves, partly - maybe because I am with Hubby) Experienced the thrills of seeing a school of those cute dolphins welcoming our passage, seagulls flying here and there...crossing seas and oceans of different continents. Delight ourselves when ship docks that means its time to set foot on land and gallivant the road of each beautiful landmarks. I AM GRATEFUL for the experience. HAPPY that I become a part of the dot on this horizon we called earth and that I can call myself " TRAVELLER"

12 June 2016

Passing by big Seas and Oceans enjoying the view ;) Enjoying our time our own way.

10 May 2016


16 March 2016

To Bharain