Thailand, Malaysia · 8 Days · 10 Moments · February 2016

Aimi's adventure in Thailand

4 March 2016

Fourth day - wake up having a breakfast , โ˜•๏ธswimming๐ŸŠ and going back! โœˆ๏ธ

3 March 2016

Third day- our plan for today is having a great time at the sea. We visit 4 island as package 800baht per person. Which is all of not famous island. We finish those thing on 2pm with not so satisfy for the package. After we heading back. We just hanging around the beach hunting survenir and food. We also do massage again for only 220baht. U can do suit coat for men in krabi there's only 4000baht 1 suits will be done only 2days which is so cheap if convert to our currency.

1 March 2016

Second day - 8 oclock we heading to Emerald pool having a dimsum as our breakfast, entry fee for emerald pool is around 20baht, we having fun in there but quickly go to play atv, there alot of awesome view in there, and the water of their swarm is blue ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ , last plan we heading to swim at river which i forgot the name, pay only 20baht in the night we just hanging around the pool and go for food hunter. We having a pancake and nasi goreng for only 50baht and above. Which is i also forgot to take the pic. A lot of fun
First day - currency feb 2016 Rm100=111.88 baht touch down pukul 11 gerak ke hotel airport transfer kena cas 900 pergi balik. Sampai kat hotel tak boleh check in lagi so kiteorg survey pakej apa yang ada. Decide nak amek nana as our tour guide, makan kedai india cas agak mahal tapi halal, petang jlan2 pantai makan sebab lapar milk tea dgn makan paprik 140baht decide nak amek moto 200baht 1 hari ambil 2 hari xtend berapa jam kena 405baht ,mlm kami ke night market beli street food tako tao,keropok lekor,ayam goreng, jus buah fresh, barang beli beg & seluar askar, baju. Night market pergi balik 800baht. Balik jalan2 naik moto pastu urut 250 dari 300 sebab dia dah nak tutup. Jalan2 usyar laut. Balik zZZz

28 February 2016

Those 2 island that only we snap

27 February 2016

Best atv, free drinks, we play inside a palms and a lot of fantastic view!
Emerald pool is not to clear

26 February 2016

Sebab kiteorang lambat masuk bagi bilik letak bunga. Ingat aku heran?
Sunrise dari dalam plane
Let adventure begins!!