China · 26 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

Aimie's tour of China

2 April 2017

Great Wall of China 🇨🇳 - Jinshanling

31 March 2017

BEIJING Wangfujing Shopping - worst street food in my life - dumpling lady - top bitch! - duty Noodles! Huwai Lake - stroll - I felt rough - roof bar - Chips & beer - felt better - Tsing Tao by the Lake - chill out watch the sunset - time lapse - Churros, chocolate & ice cream Best Beijing Peking Duck Ever! Pancakes Bought my I ❤️BJ top :) Great Wall of China- Jinshanling Day (extra) Forbidden City - on a National Holiday! RAMMOOO! Temple / Park - overlooking Forbidden City Friends Cafe! - omg! - Central Perk - coffee and banana walnut muffin - watched friends - Joey and Chandlers apartment - played foosball and darts - more duck! - yummy noodle bar
Yiwu Katie's Place Cups of Tea! PG Tips Cat Cafe Monopoly Games Pool & Cocktails & Dice Game? Chill out day Fizz Pizza 🍕 Day at Kats School - colouring - cooking class - ting bi dong Street Food Noodles (Yum) Bacon and Eggs breakfast 😋 Catfish episodes Hair Cuts! Nails done River Stroll in the Rain Wanda Plaza

25 March 2017

Suzhou Chinese Venice Lingering Garden Little Streets Newm BaLans Yummy Street Food Noodles Cafe 85• Tongli Water Town Gondola Ride

24 March 2017

Shanghai Yu Garden? (Not great) Nani Dumplings (Yum!) The Bund East Nanning Street - shopping Fancy Mall - Rose Gold circle escalators The Bund at night in the rain Cutie little girl on Bullet Train Met Katie - stayed in dorm -catch up drinks

18 March 2017

CHENGDU Dragon Old Streets Pandas! Bamboo Parks City - Tianmen Square Tea Parties - Crazy Ear Cleaning

14 March 2017


9 March 2017


8 March 2017

Day 1 in Yangshuo - rented bicycles and went for a cruise. Found a market by the river - it was beautiful (panoramic). Continued to explore, bought some little orange fruities off a hilarious little lady. We then ended up in the city, on west street - where we got our feet eaten off by little fishes whilst getting a massage - this was the strangest / funniest feeling / experience in the world! Cracked me up watching pope dip his feet in first! Strolled through the streets - took lots of photos - went to Yangshuo Park - playing mahjong - playing Chinese violin - with random people just strolling up and starting to sing along. - crazy man with his monkey! - got photos - lady with huge, cute, fluffy dog Went to eat at Rock n Grill cafe - yummy! Mini shop in strange supermarket - then Cycled back. Where we attempted to do our washing! ... massive failure. Tried to use our genius skills to translate not only our heating remote but also the washing machine - kinda worked! :)