United Republic of Tanzania · 2 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Aimee's journi to Tanzania

26 August 2017

Today was the last day on the mountainšŸ˜¢ we woke at normal time, 6.30, courtesy of Phil, after having slept like a baby! Breakfast at 7.30 followed by some fabulous singing and dancing by our guides and porters to say thank you! The way down was great fun, as I spent most of it with Fran, Katie and Shawn (+Michael, Tuesday and Gaudence). Lots of laughs, such as Tuesday thinking Shawn had the mountain madness, and Michael trying to teach us the Kili song (in particular the chura song)! Particularly fun moment was when a porter was telling Tuesday how beautiful I was and wanted to talk to me, but Michael and Tuesday would not let him! Arriving at the gate we had to sign off the mountain and say goodbye to the porters and guides (bar Gerald) which was very sad!! We bused it back to the Zebra hotel in Moshi where we got ready for our final celebratory meal with Brad and Gerald! We had a lovely meal with lots and lots of laughs and loveā¤ļø

25 August 2017

Today was summit day. After a very long, confusing and amazing day here are the key points so I don't forget!! -wake up 10pm, leave at 11pm after hot chocolate and biscuits. -bloody freezing, made camel backs impossible to use! 5 layers on top and 4 layers on bottom proving difficult to walk in! -started off fine, developed the expected headache after an hour. Started to struggle so Gerald took my day pack off me which made life easier for a while! -not long later I start to feel very heavy in the legs and experience gas problems with indigestion. -somehow this develops into a state of delirium where I had no balance, no idea what was going on and was genuinely convinced I was not going to make it up. -while Gerald takes charge, getting me to walk right behind him in his steps, I start hallucinating (the ground was moving and there were a fair few snakes which Bella disagreed with). -made it to Stella point and then Uhuru peak, before succumbing to more AMS and being carried down by G.
Summit day!