North America · 56 Days · 233 Moments · July 2018

20 September 2018

19 September 2018

18 September 2018

17 September 2018

16 September 2018

15 September 2018

14 September 2018

Lots of windmills

13 September 2018

We had rain today
Just outside of Shreveport, it rained. They didn’t stay wet long though.
On the Atchafalaya Causeway and bridge, it was 18 miles long
Crossing the Mississippi River
In the Atchafalaya causeway

12 September 2018

At Biloxi Beach
Leaving Florida

11 September 2018

Wild turkeys just outside of our campsite on the morning we are leaving

10 September 2018

At the fire pit in Fort Wilderness roasting marshmallows and meeting Chip and Dale at the sing-a-long
In Seuss land on the carousel
At The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
At Universal Studios

9 September 2018

Taking the boat to Fort Wilderness from the Magic Kingdom
,eating Goofy and Mickey
At Epcot in Disneyworld
Our campsite at Fort wilderness in Florida.

8 September 2018

Some of the pictures from last nights fireworks and light show in the magic kingdom.
On the carousel.
The teacup ride and with Tigger.
On our way to the magic kingdom by boat.

7 September 2018

Spence with goofy
Stuffies and around the animal kingdom. He did get a Tigger stuffy.
The kali river rapids at animal kingdom. It was a fun and wet ride.
On the safari ride at animal kingdom.

6 September 2018

Our first evening at Fort Wilderness.
America space museum, the tour was very interesting but perhaps a bit too much info for Spence. Not enough hands on stuff.
On the road out to the Kennedy space centre, unfortunately we didn’t have the time ti take advantage of the opportunity. It was going to cost to much and we didn’t have the whole day to make it worthwhile.
At the valiant war museum, they restore the airplanes. All the work is done by volunteers. We met a 95 year old man who had served with Jimmy Stewart during WWII. It was really neat.

5 September 2018

Around Daytona Beach
At Daytona Beach, beautiful sand and surf, another opportunity for Spence to get wet and enjoy the water.
From St Augustine Beach to Titusville on the A1A, a nice drive, makes a nice change after driving the I-95 for two days.

4 September 2018

At St Augustine Beach, Spence really enjoyed the beach and the surf. The sand was a little rough, made up of broken shells and small rocks.
From Santee lakes to the visitor centre in Florida.

3 September 2018

Our campsite at Santee Lakes in South Carolina.

2 September 2018

Our campsite in Enfield, NC. There were tobacco fields surrounding it. Trying to dry out after out three nights of rain.
We saw this overpass, cloverleaf and from a distance it looked like a bridge.

1 September 2018

At union station.
Today we went to the zoo to see the pandas.

31 August 2018

Spence and I went into Washington and saw the sights. We went to the air and space museum, and the sculpture garden and the museum of art to see some Van Gogh paintings. He also went on the merry-go-round. He enjoyed it so much.

30 August 2018

On our way from Newburgh to the KOA outside of Washington.

29 August 2018

The KOA in Newburgh, NY
War memorial for the war of independence, the war of 1812 and the civil war. This us also in Bath.
As we were leaving our campsite we were leaving. We came past the town of Bath where there was a covered bridge. It also has the oldest general store in the US.

28 August 2018

So, we are camping now, we drove from Bangor Maine to Lisbon New Hampshire. It was a lovely scenic drive but there was a lot of construction going on the road we picked. This absolutely frustrated George. We are camped by a small river.

27 August 2018

On our way from Digby to the KOA outside of Bangor, Maine. We stayed with friends last night. They have a house on St Mary’s Bay. The rick that Spence is standing by will be completely covered by the tide. St Mary’s Bay is part of the Bay of Fundy. We took the ferry from Digby, NS to St John, NB. It took about 2.5 hours to criss the Bay of Fundy.

26 August 2018

In Cornwallis, NS, George wanted to see the old recruit training camp.
George bought a throttle rocker in St Johns, NFLD.
When we got off the ferry Spence saw this lawn art and wanted his picture taken.

25 August 2018

In Newfoundland on the way to the ferry.
The road we were travelling on and St Vincents beach.

24 August 2018

We are staying in Trepassey.
On the Irish Loop on the Avalon peninsula.
St John’s harbour
Signal Hill from the other side of the harbour.
At Cape Spear, the most eastern point in North America.
On Signal Hill in St John’s

23 August 2018

Eating cod tongues, he quite enjoyed them.
At mile zero in St John’s and getting the rear tire dipped in the Atlantic.
Putting on rain gear.

22 August 2018

The end of the ride in Gander. They were being screeched in.
In Gander at the aviation museum.
At the Legion in Corner Brook. We had Moose soup and sandwiches. Spencer had 6 bowls of moose soup.
Getting off the ferry and on our way to Gander.

21 August 2018

Waiting for the ferry to Newfoundland. Each bike had to have four tie downs. It was a night crossing. The ferry left North Sydney, NS at 11:45 and arrived in Newfoundland at 7:00.
The ferry to Newfoundland.
On the road
On the way through Cape Breton to the ferry.

20 August 2018

Our motel in Auld cove
We had lunch at Sherbrooke village.
The road we drove on today was very bumpy. It was very scenic though.
On the way from Halifax to Our motel at Auld cove. Tomorrow we go to Newfoundland.
We stayed at Warrior Block at CFB Shearwater.

19 August 2018

At the citadel in Halifax, they had a great WW1 display and re-enactors.
At Halifax harbour walk and the Citadel.
On the harbour in Halifax.
On the harbour in Halifax.

18 August 2018

On the ferry from PEI to Nova scotia, it was a very wet day.
Our accommodations in Charlottetown at the university.

17 August 2018

There are an awful lot of traffic circles here.
We are now in PEI, a view of the bridge from the other side.
Stopped to see the Confederation Bridge before crossing.
Stopped in Shediac to see the giant lobster.
Lunch at the legion in petitcodiac, NB
A very foggy morning, on our way to Charlottetown from Gagetown.

16 August 2018

We have been having a lot of early mornings, it finally caught up with Spence, he fell asleep on the bike.
We had lunch here in New Brunswick, they breed sled dogs, the owner built everything himself.
A beautiful day, a nice change after yesterday.

15 August 2018

At CFB Valcartier, we went from Ottawa to Valcartier.
We went through a thunder storm, Spence got soaked as he didn’t want to wear rain pants.
The Legion made us breakfast.

14 August 2018

Where we are staying is real close t the stables for the musical ride. We were able to have a quick tour of the stables and pet the horses.
We are staying at the police college in Ottawa. We had a free day today. Saw the parliament buildings, the changing of the guard and the war museum.

13 August 2018

They were giving out Pink hard hats as door prizes at the legion. We had a wonderful dinner of fresh fish and chips.
The Kingston penitentiary and the gate at RMC in Kingston.
Lake Ontario
The Glenora ferry, it was free and took about 15 my n to make the crossing.
Another early morning.

12 August 2018

The Afghan memorial in Trenton. We are staying at the Yukon lodge in Trenton. Pot luck dinner at the MP’s mess on the base in Trenton. It was a hot day today and a beautiful drive.
From Borden to Fenelon Falls, the lift lock system in Kirkland and lunch at the legion in fenelon falls.

11 August 2018

Sudbury to CFB Borden. The big nickel in Sudbury and sr the military police training centre in Borden. Pictures around Borden, George at his old quarters. The rain came down hard late in the afternoon.

10 August 2018

Dinner at the Legion in Sault Ste Marie. Salad, meatballs, pasta and blueberry cobbler.
Parked inside at the armories

9 August 2018

Lunch in Marathon, ON
An early morning of a long day, going from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie, approx 700km.

8 August 2018

From Kenora to Thunder Bay, a deer and her fawns at the armories in kenora, early morning on the road the sun trying to peek through, it never did. The terry fox memorial and the last picture is of Lake Superior.

7 August 2018

Staying the night at the armories in Kendra.
From shilo to kenora. We are staying at the armories tonight.
Mileage - 70943 Fuel stop in Kenora, ON
Mileage - 70866 Fuel stop in Falcon Beach, MB
Mileage - 70777 Fuel stop in Richer, MB
Mileage - 70697 Fuel stop in Headingley,MB
Mileage - 70608 Fuel stop in Portage la Prairie, MB

6 August 2018

A walk around the base at Shiloh.
Our accommodations tonight, a lot better than yesterday and more comfortable.
Mileage - 70451 Fuel stop in Brandon, MB
From Moose Jaw to CFB Shilo
Mileage - 70305 Fuel stop in Moosomin, SK
Mileage - 70143 Fuel stop in Indian Head, SK

5 August 2018

Mileage - 69985 Fuel stop in Moose Jaw, SK
Mileage - 69871 Fuel stop in Davidson, SK
Mileage - 69763 Fuel stop in Saskatoon, SK
Mileage - 69610 Fuel stop in N Battleford, AB
Mileage - 69463 Fuel stop in Lloydminster, AB
On the way from Cold Lake to Moose Jaw and our accommodations for tonight.

4 August 2018

Mileage - 68279 Fuel stop in Cold Lake, AB Stayed 2 nights in quarters. We had a tour of 419 Squadron, Spence and George got to try out the flight simulator.
A relaxing day at Cold Lake. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. We are going to Moose Jaw.

3 August 2018

We are staying on the base.
Had a marvellous lunch at the legion in Bonnyville. Borsht and potato soup and sandwiches.
A wet day on our way from Edmonton to Cold Lake.
Early morning at timmies in Edmonton.

2 August 2018

Mileage- 68855 Fuel stop in Edmonton, AB Stayed in Barracks in Edmonton.
Mileage- 68846 Fuel stop in Wabamun, AB
Mileage - 68715 Fuel stop in Edson, AB
The hostel in Jasper. Real nice accommodation and centrally located.

1 August 2018

Spencer just hanging out on Jasper the bear.
A long climb up, had to stop to see the road and valley we had come up.
Spencer had wanted to go to Moraine lake because the lake was blue. We didn’t have time to go there we saw this lake and had to stop so he could have a look. It is not quite as blue, but was blue.
Mileage - 68296 Fuel stop in Lake Louise, AB
Early morning, on our way to Lake Louise from Golden

31 July 2018

Mileage - 68210 Fuel stop in Golden, BC Stayed at the travel lodge.
Mileage - 68057 Fuel stop in Revelstoke, BC
Mileage - 67982 Fuel stop in Sicamous, BC
Finally, on my way

30 July 2018

Mileage - 67816 Fuel stop in Kamloops, BC

29 July 2018

Mileage - 67614 Fuel stop in Lytton, BC
Waiting for the ferry.
Ferry - $63.15
Mileage - 67289 Fuel stop inVictoria, BC

28 July 2018

Dipping the tire at McCauley point in Esquimalt.
At mile Zero of our ride across Canada.
At the parliament buildings with the town cryer.
The proclamation as read by the town cryer.

27 July 2018

The journey has started. Spence and George on their way to Victoria.