United States of America · 104 Days · 6 Moments · August 2016

Aileen's adventure in Denver, CO, United States

24 November 2016

Trip to Utah, just for the Picture Fantastic view in grand junction - Colorado Monument

30 August 2016

I was with my Host children on a really nice farm. Both of us really enjoyed it

27 August 2016

Fun night in Downtown Denver. I was with my friend coco at a rooftop Party. There was a live dj and many friendly guys.

20 August 2016

I was with some of my friends at the Lake. It was fantastic!! There was a squirrel which came so near by. It was awesome! After that we were at an open air cinema next to the street I live

17 August 2016

Hiking in the mountains... Really hard 😅

13 August 2016

My first time in Denver Downtown! It was amazing