United States of America · 11 Days · 43 Moments · May 2015

AIDS/Lifecycle 2015

8 June 2015

And this journey comes to an end. Welcome Home, Chicago.

7 June 2015

More ride photos
Finish line photos!

6 June 2015

We made it to LA!! What an experience. Had tears running down my face as I rode into the closing ceremony. Such a transformational week!!!
Lunch Rest stop on day 7. Beautiful scenery! Only 15 miles to LA.
Some pictures down the coast as we ride on Day 7!
Santa Monica Mountains!!

5 June 2015

As Day 6 wraps up, I am humbled by this experience. They told us coming into this at orientation that we would become part of the ALC family, and we sure have. Over 3000 people in this family have been together for the last 6 days to help, support, guide, cry, laugh and just live without all the stigmas that exist outside this "Love Bubble". Tonight's dinner and camp update really made that clear to me...this ride helps not only so many people impacted by HIV/AIDS, but also helps us become better at whatever we want to become better at, all while riding 545 miles and putting our lives on hold for a week. Very transformational for sure. Tomorrow we ride the 58 miles to LA and celebrate at the closing ceremonies!!
Paradise Pit park in Ventura, day 6
Rest Stop 3 was in Ventura and yes like always it was ice cream themed. Paradise Pit Beach

4 June 2015

Just wrapped up Day 5. A short(er) day compared to the other 4 that we have completed. A few hills and a really big switchback and some cold weather were just a few things we faced on Red Dress Day! Finally in camp and a decent time and can shower and enjoy camp life and the city of Lompoc tonight.
Red Dress Day! We went the sudo conservative route and chose red jerseys and tutu's...and added in red mustaches, headbands and some helmet swag. Many wore actual dresses or other really crazy cool costumes.

3 June 2015

Half way to LA! Climbed to major hills to get over 1500 ft up. Just look at the background!
Stopped at the best cinnamon roll place in the whole world, or at least we were told that.
Our Half Way Crew from the K Tent Grid!
Half Way to LA with our Safety Mascot Coney
Day 4 today brings dual twin peaks, over a 1500 ft climb which brings us half way to LA and then a nice 7 mile down hill ride. We will be back in the coast tonight after 2 days in the central coast aka desert (feels like 100 degrees) 😉

2 June 2015

Lavender fields from day 3. Also a glimpse at quad buster.
Day 3 starts now. Quad buster day to Pasa Robles.

1 June 2015

Otter Pop stop... Otters serving pops. 😁
Great backdrop for a rest stop photo!
Day 2 Ride route! http://www.aidslifecycle.org/daily-spin/daily-spin-day-2.pdf
Day 1 Camp Review: Last nights sleep wasn't so grand. Need a better pillow than the blow up part of the mattress. Plus it's like a symphony of snoring from all the campers 2 feet away in other tents around you.
Many of you probably want to know how we shower...these come to camp with us. Big semis of portable showers. They are actually quite nice too.

31 May 2015

Some awesome coastal pics on PCH about 20 miles south of San Fran.
Day 1 camp
The bathroom situation for the next 7 days. Goodbye porcelain, hello port a potty!
Day 1 ride out... Next stop Santa Cruz.
Day 1 is here!

30 May 2015

Start of the check in process at Cow Palace. Day 0!
Day 0

29 May 2015

Arrived in San Francisco!
Some pics from the flight in and Bay Bridge outside our hotel.
#ORD - SFO United #1523
Chi-town to SFO representing #salesforce swag
Busy traffic day in Chicago, as if any day is different than that. On our way to ORD.
And so it begins..all packed up for 11 days away. 7 of which will be spent cycling and living in Tent Cities each night. Contents include: cycling gear, sleeping bag/pad, chamois towel, street clothes, high tops, flat iron and of course hair product. See you in SFO #alc2015