Ireland, Slovakia · 28 Days · 19 Moments · October 2016

Aidan's surprise holiday!

30 October 2016

Here we go... the size of these fields is unreal!
So... about to get off the plane and Aidan thinks we will be running for a bus straight away... we have to get 3 buses (taking 1 hr) to get to our accommodation.... or............
About to descend! I wonder what this place will be like!
Just woken up from my lovely nap! It's a bit mad to wake up and realise u are flying over Europe!
Paying my eflow bill just before landing.... last minute jobs!!
We made it onto the plane without Aidan knowing! He has some amount of will power! The woman beside us isn't looking forward to our holiday tho!
Yum yum breakfast!! Nothing like breakfast in the airport!
Where is it???
We made it to the terminal in one piece! This is very exciting!!
Happy balls on the bus!!
Parking at the airport! Don't think Aidan would've passed me in the test! We are parked between z13-15
Ok, night before we go.... the clocks go back tonight (hour extra in bed - yay!).... Aidan's running around stressing out about getting ready! I swear a woman would find it easier to pack! He seems to think we will be staying in a run down hostel near a cold beach in England or Germany.... will he be right?? For now tho, I'm gonna try and get some sleep!

29 October 2016

Hmmmmm... this place seems to think I have 3 identities!! Hehe!
Just in case I forgot, the airport sent me an email to remind me about parking!

8 October 2016

We is officially checked in! Priority que and chosen seats for the posh knobs!
Everything's officially booked! Yay!

4 October 2016

Aidan is a very happy birthday boy! Not only did he get to wake up in his parents house for his birthday, buy a new car, get a lovely jumper from Damien, a voucher for a joesitter while he has a weekend away with his Mam and get to come out for a lovely meal with me.... he also got a (ehem) "personalised" mystery holiday ticket! Hope he likes it when he finds out where he's going...

2 October 2016

Cant decide if this is worrying or not... Damien reckons that we shouldn't be worried since we aren't muslims...