Italy · 3 Days · 24 Moments · September 2014

Ahmed's adventure in Italy

16 September 2014

I was waiting for the bus :D it took so long!
I have been to Colosseo! It's about 30 minute walking :D under sun I was melting LOL BUT it was cool!
Cinema near to my hotel! :)
Metropolitans (metro) was really empty only me :D I so long day! I can't feel my feet any more :(
It's time for lunch Thailand food pasta topped with shrimps and weird duff lol! Some how sweet and sour!
Finally I'm at the mall for shopping :D Italian fashion is really cool :)
Bounjourno :) that was my breakfast today

15 September 2014

Voda a dormire :) (I'm going to sleep) Buonanotte :)
At the end of the day we went to Conca d' oro it's the largest shopping center in Italy it was incredibly awesome :) we had so much of shopping till I can't walk on my feet :D for more information it took about 60 min to reach that place! But it was good chance to socialize with nice Italian people in train and bus :) and to see the beauty of Rome!
Then I had tasty lunch! Turkey sandwich topped with magnificent sauce and other sandwich meet with cheese!! Yummy :D it was near to Galleria Alberto Sordi
Then we took wrong bus LOL idw where that place but it was cool :D
Today I woke up pretty tired I've been to metro station I booked 3 days tourism on metro it's awesome and cheep about 16 euros per person! Unlimited ride for (bus, metro and tram) then I arrived to barbarrini station for some shopping :)
It's shopping time :) OVS shop Italian stile awesome!
Some fresh water :D
Buongiorno (good morning) I had deep sleeping yesterday :D here is my breakfast at the hotel vanilla cake, biscuits topped with fluffy jam and tasty Italian hot chocolate :)

14 September 2014

I'm so excited about tomorrow :D what may happens make me smile! Thank you all for following my trip and hope u all to have fun as well :) see ya tomorrow!! Good night (Buonanotte)
Finally I'm at the hotel eating cup of yogurt mix of blue, straw and raspberries :) Yummy :P
After we have some shopping we went to the metro station to have a ride to Rubbiblica square where we have an accommodation in the hotel!
Then we caught a bus costed 1.5 euro per person for 100 minutes! While we are watching through window I found this elegance car :) finally we arrived to the Vatican square!
Then we went to pizza restaurant! We had light kapap Pizza 🍕 and fresh bottle of water
Finally I'm at hotel (Impero) it's pretty good and clean! Feeling exhausted need to sleep but I have to go for shopping :) I'm excited
We booked bus to square near to the hotel! About 5 euros per person! We waited like 20 min until the bus came over! We've enjoined the green area located on the both sides of the road :)
Finally I arrived to The Great Rome :)
My plane (Egypt air) will take off in 2 hours! :) I'm totally excited about the flight