Hungary, Lithuania · 22 Days · 4 Moments · April 2017

Agnė's tour through Hungary

1 May 2017

We should respect our body and let him relax sometimes. Where is the best place to do this? I know! It's Budapest thermal water pools, amazing place not only for the body but also for soul. Guess what is inside the luxury buildings? More than 10 thermal pools and saunas! Stay there at least 3 hours to try each one. You won't be disappointed!

11 April 2017

Fishermen bastion in that place where the photos can't impart that beauty exactly I've seen. You must visit that place!

10 April 2017

I can bravely state that Budapest Parliament is one of the most incredible buildings in central Europe! If you travel around Hungary, don't go sleep early. I promise, you don't regret that time!
When we look down and see the ants, worms and bugs, we're thinking that we are big creatures. But then we heap up our head and see what is really big. Then you understand how small you are in this world. You are just one little thing in this huge universe. That feeling is absolutely worth to feel. So I recommending visit Estergom basilica, the biggest basilica in Hungary. The Budapest panorama from the basilica's top is breathtaking. All the time I feel that holy atmosphere flying around me in that magical place. It's must to stay there when you are in Hungary!