Germany, Brazil · 10 Days · 6 Moments · November 2017

Agmenture through Souh America

6 December 2017

After very pleasant 5h bus drive we arrived to Icarai de Amontada, where we sattled in a small bungalow at Tania's place (she moved to Icarai from Argentina to stay with her boyfirend and is building up her own "pousada"). Bungalow is situated at the very end of the village so we have the pleasure of enjoying endless views over coconut palm plantations. Icarai is a true wind/kite surfing paradise, since it is windy throughout the year. Due to constant strong winds the shore is full of wind turbines During the day almost everything is closed and the village only comes to live when the sun goes down, guess it is just to hot to do anything before the sunset. :).

4 December 2017

After spending almoust a week in Fortaleza here is the last night view over one of the many piers along the Fortaleza beach. And caipirinas to properly say goodbye to the city and our awesome host Jose! :)
Continuing exploring Fortaleza: •central market where you can find everything & •grafitti in front of the market •green oasis Coco park inside the concrete city •doing it like locals - surfing •fences all around the apartments & where we stayed we also had a guard

29 November 2017

Arriving to Fortaleza on 28th Nov - Gašper's BDay :) •we took first few days to chill out and get to know the city •the main city beaches transform in a giant sports field in the evening cool (if we can call it that at 25+Celsius). Running, skating, roller-blading, capoeira, beach football, beach volley, a number of pretty full outside fitness spots... The kids are having trainings on the beach and a lot of private fitness groups are active as well. •traditional small fishing boats on the beach in Fortaleza are called Jangadas. The masts are built of wooden pieces of different thicknesses and bound together with wire and the sails are triangular shaped. When in harbour the mast are layed back which gives them the typical look. •the half sunken shipwreck is a nice photo object with •more than 5 km long praia (beach) do Futuro is located on eastern side of the city •after 2days in local pousada we were fortunate enough to get an invite approval from our first couchsurfing host Jose:

28 November 2017

Short two-hour pit-stop in Recife before our 2nd flight to Fortaleza: •since Recife aiport has very central location we decided to take advantage of that and went to the city center instead of waiting at the aiport for our 2nd flight. Hungry after 10 hours flight from Munich, freshly made tapioca was just what we needed. Tapioca is a typical brasilian dish made of manioc flower, formed into some kind of pancake and stuffed with various fillings. •even before coming to Recife we already read about "infamous" shark attacks happening for the last few years. We therefore decided to obey the warning signs and not throw ourselves in the water just yet. The ocean will have to wait till Fortaleza.

26 November 2017

Fully packed and ready for the adventure :) •strolling around Munich Kristkindelmarkt and Tollwood & saying goodbye to winter before going to 30+ degrees