Australia and Oceania, Asia, Europe · 3 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Afiz's adventure in London, United Kingdom

19 June 2017

I wandered back up to Leicester Square and found the London M&M store.
After grabbing some food I continued on foot walking towards Trafalgar Square. On the way I passed Admiralty Arch....
I stopped by a traditional English Pub located next to the Horses Guard. It was pretty atypical. I had to try the fish and chips....nothing special really. We have better fish and chips at home.
Hopped back on the bus and after a long tour that took us past the Tower of London, London Bridge and Scotland Yard I hopped off the bus to see the Horse Guards for the Parliament area. I also noticed the increased security around....the policeman with the semi-automatic weapon was a good example. I guess the Bobbies have realised that a baton isn't that useful.
After visiting Westminster Abbey I walked across the Westminster Bridge over the Thames River. I got some great photos of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. I never really appreciated how wide the Thames River really.
After visiting the Buckingham Palace gates I hopped back on the bus and made my way to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. There is a lot royalty buried at Westminster Abbey. There are also a lot of statues around London.... including Gandhi. I guess the British aren't upset anymore about the trouble he caused them in India.
I walked through Green Park to the Buckingham Palace gates. It didn't really look as grand and big as I thought it would be. Unfortunately I don't think the Queen was home.
I decided to get off the bus at Green Park and make my way to Buckingham Palace. Before walking to Buckingham Palace I stopped by some of the War Memorials that are located at Green Park including the Australian War Memorial.
After exploring Leicester Square I took a hop-on hop-off bus tour of London. The first major landmark on the tour was Trafalgar Square.
My first morning in London. I decided to use my Sunday to venture into Central London and take a tour of the sites and go exploring. After figuring out the train a system I caught the 'Tube' from Barbican Station to Leicester Square. As I notice the various town and street names it feels like I'm traveling around a Monopoly board.

17 June 2017

My first night in London. I'm staying in a part of London called Barbican. After settling into the hotel I went for a long walk to explore the Barbican area and to help get rid of my jet lag. There are historic buildings everywhere you look, some of them are still look amazing and made for some great photos.
Just checked into the Citadines Apart Hotel in Barbican. The room is pretty nice...I have my own kitchen. The bathroom floor has a map of London on it which is handy....I can work out how to get around town while I am doing 'other things'. Who said guys can't multi-task 😋
On my way from Heathrow to Central London. The houses look just like they do on British TV shows. I also saw a red double decker bus which is also just like on British TV shows. Come to think of it the only things I really know about London is from British TV shows🤔
After 22 hours of travelling I just landed in the UK 🤗
I also found an old friend at the airport 😀
I only had 20 mins between boarding for my connecting flight to Heathrow, but I did get a quick glimpse of the airport as I rushed through it.
Just landed in Dubai. It's 42 degrees here. When I left Melbourne this morning it was 4 degrees.

17 June 2017

Even though Emirates is a Middle Eastern airline they seem to be giving mixed messages about drug use. If they provide Ice in Economy class I wonder what they provide in First class 🤔
Just boarded my Emirates Flight at Melbourne Airport. It's 4.30am 😔 Even though this is an International Airport there are no cafes open or anywhere to buy a coffee.... unbelievable!!! Melbourne Airport is an embarrassment.
Heading to Melbourne airport down the Tullamarine at 2.30am....its too early to be in a taxi 😴 At least there's no traffic at this time.