Rwanda · 4 Days · 4 Moments · July 2016

Adventures in Rwanda

2 August 2016

Day 4: We're back in Rilima and here to stay for a few days. We started by seeing past drill projects in the village and we also started mapping parts of the village with Prosper, our translator. This gave us a great opportunity to see many parts of the village. We ended the day down by Lake Kidogo where we took a few more gps points. The kids playing in the water were obviously not afraid of the possible crocodiles that lurk in the lakes. I know I would be freaking out. Once we reached the end of walkable shoreline, we went up to the bar that overlooked the lake. We ordered a few (or many) beers, goat brochettes, and tilapia. Prosper taught us how to eat everything but the bones on the fish. I even ate the eyeballs and the gills! Big steps for me. We ended up staying there for awhile and listening to music. We eventually made it home to go to bed. Brooke and I did have one more adventure to find somewhere to pee so we didn't wake our house mom at 3 am. But that's for us to know!

1 August 2016

Day 3: first time going to Rilima! We didn't stay the night because our housing fell through, but we did get to walk around all day, get our bearings sort of in order, and meet wonderful people in the village. We also started brainstorming how to attack the water/sanitation problem the village faces. It was a great first trip and I can't wait to see what we experience here next and I'm excited to get to work!

31 July 2016

The first full day in Rwanda. We went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, the UTC for food and wifi, and went out for drinks at a local bar with Claudio and Nash (Barrett) and met some fun/crazy people. Too bad we had no idea what that guy was saying most of the time. Overall, an amazing first full day in Kigali!

29 July 2016

Getting to Rwanda and our first night in Kigali! We went to the new convention center and Pili Pili, a bar with an amazing view, for drinks