South Africa, Lesotho · 7 Days · 11 Moments · September 2011

Adventure trip in Lesotho

28 September 2011

Katse Dam Make sure you take time to visit Katse Dam. The road to get there itself is a major attraction. Once you arrive at the dam make sure you take part in a tour. They guide you through the dam itself, an amazing experience! The Dam is one of the main ways to regulate water supply for ZA and was build with major help of the South African government.

27 September 2011

Maseru Maseru is the only really busy place in Lesotho and you better get going again. It is good to stock up but then make sure you hit the road and go on to explore.

26 September 2011

Bushman's wall paintings If you stay at the Malealea lodge there is another great place for you to see: Ask the staff to guide you to the bushman's wall paintings. These are about 500 years old and you can still see exactly what was important for these people back then!

25 September 2011

Horse back riding tour If you stay at the Malealea lodge you can do amazingly many different activities. I can fully recommend a two day pony tour. They are actually big horses but for some reasons they call them ponies there. Anyway, do not do more than two days, as it can get quite steep and tiring (unless you are a horse pro of course). We rode to a spectacular waterfall and slept in a typical round Basotho house, an amazing experience!

24 September 2011

Dinosaur Footprints Quthing is famous for dinosaur footprints. Make sure you do not miss the Masitise Cave House Museum where there are footprints on the ceiling of a cave house.
Malealea Lodge Malealea Lodge is just a fantastic place in the middle of Lesotho. Stay a few days here, relax and get to know the locals!

23 September 2011

Fuleng Guest House This is one of the few nice places to stay in Quthing. It is sign-posted from the main road just before the bend to upper Quthing. The owner is nice and the prices fair.
Hitting the bar in Quthing Yes, it is a bit scary at first to be all on your own and start to explore. However, if you take the usually precautions then you should be fine in Lesotho (it is much safer than NZ). So stay a night in Quthing and hit the locals bars and mingle with the locals, it is a great adventure! :-) Also, there are not many cities where you can actually go out and party in Lesotho so use every chance!
Driving through southern Lesotho We left Underberg in the morning and drove to the border post of Lesotho in Qachas Nek. The ironic thing was that the road on the South African side of the border was really, really a crappy dust road. Once we crossed the border suddenly the road was in a great condition! This lasted only for a few kilometers however. Then the road turned into a fund adventure with plenty of potholes. Driving to Quthing was amazing! If you travel in your own car you get to see how people live in Lesotho. They all wear blankets and many of them are still shepherds.

22 September 2011

Sani Pass tour Today we took part in a tour to climb Sani Pass in a 4x4 Range Rover. We started early in the day in Undersberg and made our way up to the very top. Our guide told us that today is a "4 stamp in your passport day" as we needed to cross the border between ZA and Lesotho twice. The drive up to the pass was spectacular but driving on the plateau itself might have been even more astonishing. It was also great to see how Basotho people live and work. We even got to see a sheep shearing station.
Great B&B in Howick Some thoughts on traveling by rental car: 1) If you rent your car in ZA, make sure you check first if you are allowed to take it to Lesotho. Often they will say it is ok but they will charge you an extra fee. 2) Make sure you check road conditions, many roads are dirt only and in poor condition. We traveled all the way from Durban to Howick to spend the night here. Luckily we found a great place to stay. This B&B was a really friendly place and the open fire was a great way to relax and forget that outside it was pouring with rain. The whole place felt very family oriented and we had the feeling to share the living room of the owners