Ireland · 9 Days · 11 Moments · July 2018

Adventure in Ireland

8 August 2018

Day 9- Our last day in Ireland! 😭 We had booked a bus from Cashel to Dublin airport at 11:30, but we completely changed our plans. After a good Irish breakfast at our B&B, we ran to the bus stop to take the earlier bus. Thanks to our kind bus driver we could take the bus, stop in Dublin and then use the same ticket later in the afternoon to go to the airport. So we could see for the last time Grafton Street, have some shopping and eat a great hamburger at Bunsen. 🛍🍔 We started from Dublin and we finished in Dublin. It was a fantastic journey. Thanks Ireland, see you soon ❤️🍀

7 August 2018

Day 8- We left Galway early in the morning because we had to take 3 buses. The first bus took us to Limerick (first photo) where we had only the time to drink a coffee and walk through the streets near the station. ☕️🍪 The second bus route was Limerick-Cahir. Cahir is a small village with a beautiful and well preserved castle. They also offer to you a guided tour of the castle included in the price of the ticket (~3€). Then you can have a walk in the nature to reach the Swiss Cottage (but we couldn’t enter or we lost the bus). 🏰🍃 The last bus took us to our final destination: Cashel. After leaving luggages at our B&B we decided to visit immediately the famous Rock of Cashel. This ruins are amazing. They stay on the top of a hill surrounded by green fields. I can’t imagine how impressive it had to be at the time of its splendor. 👑 After a good dinner with soup and fish and chips in the only open pub of the village, we went to bed early. Today was very tiring!

6 August 2018

Day 7- For the 7th day of our journey we had booked from home a guided tour in Connemara once again with the “Galway tour company”. 🚌 Our first stop was an old beautiful cathedral named “Ross Errily Friary”. The fog made the ruins a bit ghostly. 👻 🌫 Then we visited Cong. It’s a small village that became famous thanks to the film “The quiet man”. We had only the time to have a short walk through the two streets of the village and in the Cong forest. 🎥 🌳 The next ones were two stops to photograph the lough Corrib and then the Irish Fiord near Leenane. 🏞 Our tour ended with the Kylemore Abbey. The image of this abbey surrounded by its lake is something incredible. We visited the Victorian gardens, the internal and the gothic church. We also put our feet in the water (as usual). 💕🏯 I think that Connemara landscape is amazing. All that green, all those lakes. Even staying on the bus looking outside was satisfying 🛣 We returned Galway for dinner, the last one here. What a sadness!

5 August 2018

Day 6- In the 6th day of our journey we went to the Cliffs of Moher in Clare county with the Galway tour company. 🚌 They left us at the visitor center and we had 2,5 hours to stay here before leaving. First of all we had a picnic in the panoramic area, then we started our tour of the cliffs. The landscape is drop-dead gorgeous! You can walk along the cliffs for 1 hour and more and you can feel the thrill of the altitude and understand how silly we are in confront of the nature. 🌊 There are also a lot of birds but we couldn’t see puffins, perhaps you need some binoculars. 🐧🔭 I think this is the best experience I had in my Irish journey. ☘️ We returned Galway just before dinner. We had it in a traditional pub with a great hot soup! 🍵

4 August 2018

Day 5- After 2,5 hours in a City link bus we arrived in Galway just before lunch. 🍵 This town is very welcoming. Along Shop Street (the main one) there are a lot of colorful flags and it’s full of people from different countries. In each angle there’s a musician and of course a pub. It seemed to me to be at a party. 💕 We visited the Galway Cathedral (built in 1958, inside is beautiful), then we walked beside a river to reach the Spanish Arch and the Galway museum where we had a short visit (it contains findings from the past of Galway and an area about the sea life). ⛪️ But the most exciting thing of that sunny and windy day was walking on the long boardwalk from the colorful houses near the Spanish arch to the lighthouse. We also put our feet in the sea and it was ice-cold but restoring. ☀️🌬🌊 We decided to have dinner with a good pizza (even if it wasn’t like a good Italian pizza, but they did their best 🍕😂). After dinner we started the difficult research of our host house 🏡

3 August 2018

Day 4- The fourth day of our journey was dedicated to a guided tour in the Wicklow county with Greyline company. 🚌 First of all we stopped to the Glencree Cemetery, we didn’t understand why, but we bought a good local fruit cake. 🍰 Then we had two photostops: Sally’s gap and the Guinness lake. This one was surprising. A water mirror surrounded by green mountains. Moreover, we were very lucky because in the lake they were filming “Vikings”. 🎥 🏞 The main attraction of this tour was the monastic city of Glendalough. It’s a beautiful place, not only because of St. Kevin’ history, but also because of the nature. There are two lakes, a small waterfall and a lot of green. 🌲⛰ The last stop was the small and colorful village of Avoca where we ate a good soup and salmon in the Irish pub “Fitzgerald”. 🐟 Time to come back to Dublin. Our last night in the capital. 🌃

2 August 2018

Day 3, afternoon- After lunch at Pepperpot (as usual 🙈) and a good coffee, we decided to take the train to Howth (~25 minutes from the city center). 🚊 Howth is a small lovely town with a long boardwalk and a tiny port full of colorful boats. I think that northern sea gives you a great sense of freedom. However, Howth main attraction are the two seals who live here. They are a bit old and dirty, but for me it was a surprise because I had never seen seals before! Howth has also a little castle surrounded by a golf camp (~10 minutes walk from the boardwalk). 🌊🦑 We returned to Dublin to have dinner and we chose Nando’s (best chicken ever 🍗🐓). After a good dinner nothing Is better than walking through the streets of Temple Bar quarter tasting Irish beer and listening good music! 🍺🌆
Day 3, morning- To start this busy morning we decided to visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. To reach it from the metro stop we passed in front of another massive cathedral, the Christ Church Cathedral, but we only saw it from the outside. St. Patrick’s park is a quiet and nice place to rest for a minute and take a beautiful picture of the namesake cathedral. We got into the cathedral and we followed the thematic path written on the small guide they gave us at the entrance. The atmosphere is very suggestive and you can feel the sense of patriottism and spirituality of this country. I think that you must enter this cathedral, also because Dubliners love their patron. 🍀🇨🇮 Near to St. Patrick’s Cathedral there’s the Marsh’s Library. It’s a small and ancient library where also James Joyce used to read during his youth in Dublin. It’s a lovely place where you can escape and find silence and quietness surrounded by old books. 📚 Last stop: the natural history museum. Very funny 😁

1 August 2018

Day 2, afternoon- After lunch we moved towards the Guinness Storehouse. We had an online reservation for 4:30 pm. I reccomand to book the ticket online because is cheaper than buy it when you arrive (18,50€). This “museum” looks like an amusement park. During the visit you can read information about the story and the production of the Guinness beer, but you can also take part to a taste experience in the “Tasting room”. On the top floor there’s the Gravity Bar where a pint of dark Guinness beer is offered to you. The view from the Gravity Bar is very nice. 🍻🖤 We spent the last part of the afternoon walking through Grafton Street and Temple Bar quarter. We had dinner at Bunsen with a great hamburger. Is there a better way to end this beautiful day? 🍔
Day 2, morning- In the morning of the second day we had breakfast at home (booked with Air b&b) and then we took the red line from Fatima to reach the city center. First of all we went to Trinity College to book a guided tour of the university (the italian guided tour is at 11 a.m. every morning). While we were waiting for the tour, we visited the Dublin Castle from outside and the Chester Beatty Library. This one is very nice, it hosts a beautiful collection of arab and oriental manuscripts! 🏰📜 Then we returned to the College where the tour started. Our guide was a student, she was very funny and she told us a lot of interesting stories of the campus. The guide left us in front of the entrance of the Long Room: it’s amazing, the best library I have ever seen (and I love libraries, so I’ve visited a lot of them). Don’t miss it! ❣️ We had lunch at “Pepperpot” in a shopping center near Grafton Street. We ate a delicious soup and a big sandwich. I raccomand this place. 🍵🥪

31 July 2018

Day 1- We arrived in Dublin city center in the afternoon of our first day in Ireland. We had just the time to have a look around (Temple Bar, Grafton Street, St. Stephen’s Green, Trinity College).The weather wasn’t very welcoming with us, but here the weather is very crazy! 🌧☀️